Policy Decisions and the Indian Press and the Media:

12 OCT 2015

Press and Media

   The Press and the TV channels of India seem to have crossed a limit when it comes to discussions on policy decisions taken by a ruling party. They should know that the people of India have elected their representatives to rule them for five years. The elected representatives have the right to decide the policy and how to implement it for the period for which they are elected.

The media cannot usurp the powers and demand what should be and should not be the policy. They can at best suggest alternatives and project both the pros and cons of the policy that is proposed by the executive and the pros and cons of the alternatives they are suggesting. They cannot demand anything from the Govt., leave alone threaten them through publicity of what they are proposing as a policy. What best and worst can happen because of a policy – either the Govt.’s or their proposed- should be seen with respect to its impact on the people of this country and not by any ism. What best can happen to the people of India, quantitatively and qualitatively and what worst can happen to them also quantitatively and qualitatively, both in the short term and in the long term, should be the focus of presentation and not what the channel wants as a policy- only because the people have not authorized any channel to rule them.

Many channels and newspapers are overstepping their role today and this is not in the interest of the media, nor is it in the interest of the people of India as the Press is one of the few most critical pillars of democracy that is in the DNA of every Indian.

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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