Why this craving for India Bashing?

02 NOV 2015

Passion of Press and the Media

   The third unfortunate craving for the Media is the availability of some sensational news every day to be published. In case it is not available, like what happened after the Modi circar came to power, the Media indulge in looking for, unearthing and publishing some news, that is particularly India and Indian bashing. Why can’t they do the same on something happening that is good for the people of India? But the good news is not, unfortunately, as sensational as the bad news!

I have a suggestion: If you are looking for sensational news, there is another great source for this in India. Take the oppose for opposition sake politicians and report what they said earlier – say a couple of months before- and what is actually happening now. For example publish what Rahul Gandhi said a few weeks before and what he is saying or what is actually happening now. Ask him questions and if you get answers, publish them! Rahul Gandhi said that the Modi circar will not last one year and the Congress would return to power at the center. Now that it is nearly one and a half years since the Modi Govt. took over, ask Rahul Gandhi what he has to say about his childish prediction then- i.e., if you have guts! For what ever childish answer you get, counter him with facts like In the last half year, India has climbed to No.1 position in foreign direct investment ahead of China and the US and ask him which other PM has achieved it in such a short time of one and a half years as PM. Also ask him the soot boot Modi, wearing what others who have money to invest in India has done good or bad by wearing soot boot. Also ask him why he says Mr Modi has changed sixteen dresses in his latest trip to the US and silicon valley and where Rahul Gandhi’s focus is: is it on how many times Mr Modi changes his dress or on the people of India? Also ask him, instead of coming to power as per his prediction, why the Congress is getting so badly defeated – state election after state election with a big zero seats in the Delhi elections.

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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