Especially for SME’s – 17: Time.

08 December 2021


Mr. Lowe: I was asking you what you are doing to get out of the mess.

SME 3: I have also located a product that suits my SME -in which I am diversifying. Now that I have heard from you that uniqueness is so critical in diversification, I am going back and checking on that with my people.

Mr. Lowe: You are on right track and put all your current difficulties behind you sooner than later. I am happy.

SME 1: Do you have anything more to say on Time as a resource?

Mr. Lowe: Yes, one last point: Time has the potential to get over deficiencies even in our genes and genetic capabilities! Say for example, your kid is weak in bio or math. This can be a genetic deficiency too.

Just by spending more time on bio and math he can improve on his scores. That could mean private tuition for these subjects or spending more time reading bio or doing math at home. Let us not forget that result = resource (genetic capability in this case) x time spent.

SME 2: Can we sum up on intangible resources, as they seem to be very critical indeed in deciding success in one’s life?

Mr. Lowe:

1. The intangible resources are more potent than tangible and can create tangible resources but the reverse is largely not true.

2. The two powerful intangible resources namely Creativity and Time have to combine to create the third one namely uniqueness in your product and services and in your management.

3. Out of these two, Time is number one and creativity is number two.

4. So if you put all your resources in a cup of resources, Time and Creativity account for 90% of all resources and are therefore Vital Few. All the remaining resources are trivial many and account for the remaining 10%.

5. And you cannot deny that these two resources are given equally to all by Nature. This explains why people from ordinary background have come up significantly in life and can come up significantly in life, just by using judiciously these two critical, vital few resources that are given to all equally by Nature.

6. So can we say Nature is the only true communist in the world! (Compare with the human communists who profess to distribute resources equally and end up in not even distributing poverty equally!)

SME 3: Excellent sum up! Particularly because we don’t think of them at all unless pushed.

Mr. Lowe: Who does not get pushed in life? I am sure all of us have our ups and downs.

SME 1: But we can exercise our free will and get out of any situation.

Mr. Lowe: Yes, certainly and no, equally certainly!

SME 1: Why do you say no also equally certainly?

Mr Lowe: I say that, if only our free will alone works, all of us should have only ups and no downs at all!

SME 2: But why does free will does not work always?

Mr. Lowe: Even here Time plays a role! But I have to explain in detail and it may sound a little philosophical, though I will put it – as my wont- scientifically.

SME 3: Please take your time but let us know.

Mr. Lowe: What do you think is life that all of us are leading? ………………contd.


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