Especially for SME’s – 35: Time – End Result is giving+ to the correct SS for that role.

13 April 2022


SME 1: Does this mean that people should not have any feeling or should not be thankful or compassionate at all to those who helped them?

Mr. Lowe: No, not all. But you cannot let that interfere with your role as the ruler. For example, as SME head you cannot let your family considerations interfere with your role as the chief of SME.

SME 2: I see one more point here: You should select the relevant and correct SS for the role, no doubt, but whether you give + or – to the SS also matters. If you choose the wrong SS of course you will suffer in the long run but even if you choose the right SS but wants to give minus to it you will suffer.

Mr. Lowe: Yes, as e.g., giving minus to an external customer of your company only because he went to your competition once and you want to teach him a lesson when he wants to return to you. Or you want to teach a lesson to your own children in personal lives!

SME 3: Now it is very clear. What you are telling us is choose the right SS for the role you are in, do not let any other SS interfere with your giving + to it and never give – to your correctly chosen SS for your role. Put all your time, the most valuable resource of yours, in giving + to the correctly chosen SS for the role you are playing. As life is nothing but a series of roles only, the +’s you are giving to the correct SS for all roles will come back to you as per Newton’s third law and so no need to calculate what you get back vs what you give when you enact any role.

SME 2: This is what Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita: Karmanyevadhi karasthe, ma palashu kadha chana. When Krishna says leave the results unto Me, what he really means is leave the results to the energy system that is the correct SS for every role you are playing.

Mr. Lowe: All of you seem to be terrific listeners, you have got what I said very, very clearly. …contd.


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