Especially for SME – 63: Select when and Fall of mighty Karna.

27 October 2022


SME 1: Mr. Lowe has already explained to us that only the result is right or wrong, and the result is giving nothing but unconditional + to the SS1 in the role you are playing. Means do not decide what is right and what is wrong but the end – the result – must be right. For Yushishter, the result was giving unconditional plus to his people. Yudhishter was in the role of a king fighting a war for his people and so the result is right, so the means, in this case telling a lie, is not relevant at all.

SME 3: Krishna followed the same logic for Karna as well.

Karna was removed by Krishna by motivating a reluctant Arjun to shoot Karna down when Karna was on the ground, by touching his two bottlenecks, in a super fast way. He reminded Arjun of two great injustices done by Karna: he had called his wife prostitute and he had killed Abhimanyu, his son while Abhimanyu was on the ground. But here the timing was superb. Even a few minutes of delay would have made Karna climb up his chariot and start fighting again. Karna was eliminated in just the few minutes when he was squatting on the ground in the battlefield. But Karna was a super threat to Arjun. So, Krishna had already done three more decisive proactive things before the war.

He got the shield of his chest removed by Indra, Arjun’s father. He revealed the identity of Karna by telling him he was the son of Kunti and therefore he was indeed the eldest Pandava. This disturbed Karna psychologically badly. Then he sent Kunti, Karna’s mother to him who asked him to come to the Pandava side and fight the war. Karna was not able to say yes to his mother, whom he was seeing for the first time in his life (mother is a bottleneck for anyone, particularly for Karna because he now knew he was a king by birth and not a charioteer’s son as the whole world knew him). As he could not send his new- found real mother empty handed without giving her what she asked, he gave her a promise that there would be five Pandavas as before even after the war- a typically emotional and illogical promise. Kunti left after hearing this: But after giving this promise, Karna realized that he won’t be able to prevent Duryodhan from eliminating all Pandavas if Arjun died. That is why he let Arjun off the hook in the nick of the moment when he could have killed him without a shadow of doubt and he gave a lame excuse that he could not release the arrow from his hand because, even though the sun was there when he could release the arrow, Sun would have set when the reached Arjun’s chest that was totally exposed! And mind you, it is the same Karna who had Abhimanyu, arjun’s son, on the ground.

Mr. Lowe: So Krishna had to adopt 4 different proactive steps to get rid of Karna the mighty warrior. Now let us see how He got rid of Duryodhan. Though Krishna did not have any role to play He was present in the bout between Duryodhan and Bhim, the Pandava. Because He was present, He was able to direct Bhim as to where to hit to kill Duryodhan as the bout was on. Many of us are absent from the site of the event even when we know what is going on is a vial few event. That is why we say, to solve any problem we should be physically present where the problem is. We cannot hope to solve a problem in the shop floor or in the marketplace by being in our air- conditioned offices. We should not do what Karl Marx did –writing his book sitting in a library. That is why communism is full of excellent theory and far removed from reality. Krishna would have missed the timing had He not been present and later, it would have been too late. Are there any criteria that we can filter out from the examples so far? …..Contd.


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