Why not flash availability under general scheme to the traveler when he/she wants tatkal ticket?

25 JUL 2014

Falsh availability

   When one is booking tatkal on line or at the counter, why we cannot flash an information in the general scheme in the class requested and in all other classes as well? If you see how much this information helps the traveler and what is involved in making it happen, Indian railways should have done it right from the beginning. We all know that Indian railways is a public sector undertaking with the motive of serving the people and not just the profit motive that is alleged to be the objective of Private and not public enterprise. By flashing the availability under the general category, the claim that the public sector undertaking is not profit -oriented like the private sector becomes a reality, and does not remain just a claim on paper. This will be a great service to the poor people of this great but vastly poor Nation.

Very truly yours, One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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