'Fas Gaya' is a lovely phrase, but it is not true!

    Fas Gaya, for those who are not particularly familiar with colloquial Hindi, is the all-embracing phrase for 'being stuck'. It describes a situation in which one is caught inextricably. This may be due to our own doing, or due to external circumstances, or both.

Caught where? In a job? In a business? In a social situation of a personal nature (among friends, within a family, within one’s community)? In a social situation of a less personal nature (one’s neighbourhood or town or city)? In one’s country? In a foreign country? In a mindless educational course. In a thankless profession? In a boring or insipid business? Wherever you are, all you know is that life could be better, but you do not know if that is ever going to happen.

The expression 'Fas Gaya' is the exasperated response to some frustrating phase which, rather than being just a passing moment, always threatens to extend into eternity. The person believes that he has no better option; he resigns himself to the fiction that the problem has no solution.

As citizens, we sometimes feel that being in a 'Fas Gaya' situation is the fate ordained for us. We are so used to our civic and social problems that we assume that they will never go away; therefore, we have even stopped hoping for solutions or working towards them.

This 'Fas Gaya' website is based on our conviction that our lives – both personal and professional – and our world are full of options and that every problem comes with several attached solutions. And we are not dealing here with the subjective realm of psychology; we work in the objective field of management, and we use our management experience to help people and institutions to surmount their problems, discover their unique options and lay a claim to the success that is their due.

Who are we? We are specialists in improving effectiveness. We improve effectiveness by reducing complexities. We reduce complexities by reengineering the thinking processes of people.

Do we do this only in the field of management? Yes, but for us the field of management is everywhere, wherever there is a problem which we can contribute to solving.

In this website, we will take up some of the major problems that plague Indians and see how small changes in management thinking processes can move mountains. The problems we will touch upon may be at the national, state or local level, and also at the individual career, professional or business level. These problems touch our daily lives.

We welcome you to join this quest. It is a quest that will help India. It will help you. And it is only then that you will realise that 'kisi ko fasne ki jarurat nahin hai’. No one needs to be stuck!'

In doing this,Fasgaya.com will have only one focus: we, the people of India.