Fasgaya – Career Selection Service Extracts Clarity from the Chaos of Career Choices

15 MARCH 2018



Career selection Service Extracts Clarity From the Chaos of Career Choices

We are on a mission to cover every student in every school of India: You may discover the future CEO’s, industrialists, entrepreneurs, artists, artisans, sportsmen, great chefs from any obscure Municipal schools too. We are on the mission of discovering hidden talents – hidden, unsung for life, talents – and help them bring their unique talents out in the open.

Are your children moving toward the adult world by chance or by choice? Are they just drifting along, or are they steering the ship? Are they bewildered by the chaos of choices, or are they reasonably confident about the way ahead?

Today there are hundreds of career and entrepreneurship opportunities open to your children. The problem is: which opportunity should your child prepare for? A faulty career choice comes with a steep price: a loss of precious years pursuing the wrong course of study, and then landing up as a miserable misfit in the wrong job or business.

It is fairly easy to get access to information about careers and entrepreneurial opportunities and figure out the unique traits and qualities needed to take optimum advantage of the hundreds of available opportunities. However, which of these required traits and qualities does your child have? If you can confidently answer this question, then you can confidently launch your child in a fairly correct direction.

This is where Quest comes into the picture. We administer a simple online aptitude test that gives you remarkable insights about your child’s abilities, aptitudes, likes and dislikes (interests and the lack of interest) and the specific career and entrepreneurial fields that match these traits and qualities.

The Quest career counselling test gives you a scientific horoscope of sorts for your child, an educational and professional guide map which spells out the route and the destination.

The Quest test is available online: your child does it online and you get the confidential report online. The report is prepared by a software developed and proven over years and is entirely objective. It is available in English, Hindi and several other Indian languages. It takes only a few hours to complete.

The confidential report is called the Quest Career Card. It costs only Rs. 100 +GST (We normally charge Rs 2000 plus GST.,) but only for those who appear and complete the test in the period April 1 to April 30, both days inclusive.

Your child will probably work for another 60 or 70 years. A few hours of testing and an outlay of Rs. 100 + GST may perhaps turn out to be the most rewarding investment you have ever made!

We also offer personal counselling (if parents insist) at an additional cost, but as a first step the testing and online report is complete in itself.

The Quest Career Card is a truly unique identity card. It is different from the Aadhaar Identity Card.

To enable this we are going to drastically reduce the charge for testing from 2000 Rs +GST to only 100 Rs. (Yes, you read it right, hundred rupees only per student) + GST for one month i.e., the month of April 2018. We have chosen April because it is one of the few months when we get maximum testing done and our aim is to cover maximum people. You will get the report emailed to you within two working days of the completion

Quest Career Card: The truly unique identity card

The Aadhaar Identity Card:

It tells the world who you are and where you are. It also has your photograph. The Aadhar Card helps others to identify you, superficially.

Being both scientific and objective, the Quest Career Card prevents parents and children from being confused by the arbitrariness of examinations, the subjective whims of a teacher's assessment, the often misplaced dreams of parents and perhaps the pressure from yet immature friends and peers. Most of the inputs that influence career choices are of course well-intentioned, but the tragedy is that they relate only to the child's external environment and do not adequately consider the child's internal traits and strengths and likes and dislikes. They set up the stage for the child, but is the role right for the child? Not just any child, but YOUR child. The Quest Card finds the right role for YOUR child.

The Quest Career Card:

It tells YOU who you are, and where you can go in this world, and how far. It ‘photographs’ your talents, not your face. The Quest Card helps you to understand your own potential, in great detail.

Each career - whether it is in engineering or medicine or music or sport or social work - has its own combination of requirements, and each child has his or her own armoury of skills and passions. At Quest we have studied the needs of hundreds of careers, and we have a computerised battery of simple tests which match each child with matching careers. We have done this in over 150,000 cases over the last 25 years.

You can go to our website www.thequestway.in , go to student career guidance and start the registration process and immediately the test battery

Please note that this does not include the guidance session for which we charge 3000Rs. +GST. Many may find the report sufficient to locate the career that is a great fit for their children.

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