Fasgaya – What went wrong with Congress and AAP?

22 JANUARY 2018



In politics and for politicians, ‘customer’ is the people of the country and not the head of state. a family or not even own or opposition party. The USA has repeatedly done the mistake of taking the head of state of different nations as its external customer in its foreign policy and paid and is still paying a heavy price for doing so. Pakistan is another example of not taking its own people as the system the ruling clique should serve. The country and its people are in great trouble, however much the ruling clique may try to convince the world and its own people otherwise. In India the people of India as the most important system was correctly captured by the current prime minister Narendra Modi, who immediately after his thumping win in the general elections, 2014 called all his MP’s and party workers to say that the people are above the party and that the party is not above the people. For the Congress party in India, the party, nay the president of the party, nay just one family is above the people: They actually think, however much they may argue intellectually to the contrary, that the party president and the family of the president is above the people of India. To wipe this out from the organization is going to be a Herculean task for the Congress.

Politics has been defined as the art of the possible: This has been tweaked by all the politicians of the world and politics is now-a-days defined as making anything possible by any means including telling and spreading lies.

The country that beats all the rest in telling lies to the whole world and made telling lies as an art in all its policies is of course Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are brainwashed day in and day out with the set of lies that comes out, collectively and separately from its ruling clique of the army, the ISI, and even the elected representatives. This has reached such a level in Pakistan that no one can afford not to tell lies in Pakistan because, if you don’t tell a lie in the interest of Pakistan, (should this read ‘in the interest of the ruling clique of the armed forces and the ISI), you are deemed to be anti-national. If you tell the truth, then you have to stay outside Pakistan forever, as can be seen in the case of the ex-ambassador of Pakistan to the USA. If you come to Pakistan your life will be in danger as happened to its ex-PM Ms Benazir Bhutto.

To rectify this situation is nearly impossible as the rectification can be done only by a leader who does not care for his/her life and yet who can still live inside Pakistan long enough to educate the people of Pakistan on what the truth is. As this is very nigh impossible, I predict that the Pakistan’s longevity is at stake. Because the third law of Newton will take effect and the law of karma shall operate. No matter how much the ruling clique of Pakistan hopes that they can continue to outsmart its own people and the people of the world by creating and spreading lies, the massive punishment that will come from within, from its own people, cannot be outsmarted. Contrary to the lies that Pakistan is telling and spreading dime a dozen every day that India is its enemy, the day is not far off when the people of Pakistan will realize the truth and they become the enemies to the ruling clique that thinks that they can fool their own people for ever. No amount of arms and ammunition, the nuclear arsenal etc. can help when your own people are against you. How would you use these against your own people? The days to come will prove what we predict here because the laws of energy on which we base our predictions never, ever fail.

As politicians get short- term victory by telling lies, (politicians believe in winning small skirmishes on a daily basis and not the war), telling lies has become the method of ruling over people all round the globe. This is gaining ground in India as well. In India, in spite of Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘My experiments with Truth’ his autobiography, and “ Satymeva Jayathe” as national ethos, the very party of which he was a part, is indulging in telling and spreading massive lies. Let us realize that terrifying people by misleading them through intellectual arguments that are faintly logically possible but not probable at all, just opposing for opposing sake but internally knowing that they themselves do not believe in whatever they are talking, is also an aspect of lying to the public

Congress party does so because the Congress party has taken its opposition party the BJP as the system to focus on and to kill. You should listen to the spokespersons of the Congress party when they defend the indefensible with a brazen lie, with frozen face and non-stop shouting, not letting others - even neutral people amongst the panelists not belonging to any political party -to say anything at all, in the several news channels in the country. Shouting a lie and make others unheard does not make it truth- truth has a way of asserting itself and coming out blazing eventually. With every such shameless attempt the party is losing credibility of people – a must for winning elections.

The example of what happens when the politicians and a party focus on the people to the exclusion of any other system has to be seen in the victory of AAP in Delhi, losing just a couple of seats. This astounding result was made possible by the people because of what AAP did prior to the polls: Getting in touch with them for over 6nmonths, listing their most burning problems and promising them they would sort them out if they come to power. No other party came anywhere this strategy which promised the people of Delhi that AAP would primarily focus on the key issues facing them which they only knew so correctly and serve the people of Delhi. But what happened afterwards? The focus shifted from people of Delhi to getting power in Punjab, Goa etc. The thought that they can get power anywhere including the Centre now that they have got such a massive majority shifted the focus and the system to be served from the people of Delhi to the party AAP. Ever since this started, AAP is on the decline. To complicate matters and in order to serve the party and not the people, they identified BJP as the main culprit to be brought down i.e., they shifted the focus to attack BJP, their competition. What promised to be a great party and Kejriwal as a great leader is in shambles today in public eye.

When competition and one’s own party become the focus and not the people, how can one grow in politics? This is exactly what the Congress is doing too – their focus is only competition and the party; not even the party unlike AAP but only a family in the party. These two parties are sure to be humiliated by the people in the coming elections because they have been ignored and cheated by both these parties. The subsequent elections to-date are a tell-tale proof of this.

The focus on competition has led them to criticizing Narendra Modi in terms which nobody, least the people of this country, would approve. The leader whom the country has been fortunate in getting in the sense, he is leading a Govt. that believes in uniting and serving rather than dividing and ruling the people- after over 6 decades, is chided indecently, what with all the so-called claimed ‘culture’ of the family and the ‘great’ Congress party. This would certainly infuriate the people of this country. This anger that is already evident would be more evident in 2019.

We know several large corporations closing their shop because they shifted their focus from serving their customers to their competition and to themselves inward as the first priority. The political parties are no exception.

We say one should be clear about the system he/she is serving in the role he/she plays in any aspect of life and should never harm that receiving system. We call this system the “Super System” as it is the most powerful system as the receiver of the services provided by a role. Super System has a way of asserting itself over a period of time and if we forget this we are sure to be failures in life. This is the topic of my book “Success through Super Systems” an e-book available here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/553906

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