Corona- what a great guy you are!- 2020

20 March 2020


You are the greatest social reformer to-date on the planet earth,

Who else had done more reformation on Mother Earth?

You don’t care or even enquire,

what anyone’s caste, creed, language, religion,

nationality, race or sex.

You don’t suffer from any parochialism,

You need only a touch and any one becomes one of your own.

What a great guy you are!

You don’t insist on aadhar or social security or port of entry,

Any port is port of entry for you,

What a great guy you are!

Is there anybody in the world who has united

the world the way you have united,

You have made all the states United States,

Even which you did not spare.

What a great guy you are!

You are the personification of

Impartiality towards man-kind entire

What a great guy you are!

One can smoothen differences by any fear,

But you adopted the most effective fear,

The universal fear of death and life,

The highest instinct of all living systems.

What a great guy you are!

You are a tiny speck but your might

To enslave the world at large is pretty tight

If people do not obey your command

You put them in their place and in remand.

You do not spare even doctors who

Attempt to tackle you and jump from

Their patients to themselves!

What a great guy you are!

Many have tried to force family planning,

Through measures that are punishing,

Only to lose votes and power.

But you came out with a different way

‘Touch me not or else’ way,

Knowing there is no way one can produce a child this way!

Keep a minimum distance of one meter,

Is your mantra for family measure

What a great guy you are!

Are you the plant ‘touch me not’

I know you are not since

You make every one say ‘touch me not’!

What a great guy you are!

In olden days menstruating ladies were kept one meter away,

We used to wonder why?

But when you do the same thing for all,

We understand why!

What a great guy you are!

I must thank you from heart

For making the world at large

realize that Indian customs and traditions

Are the safest and the best.

‘Stand one meter away and say namaste

And don’t shake hands or embrace,’

‘when you enter your house from outside trip,

Wash your hands and feet fully, not just a drip’

Are age-old Indian customs

That you enforced on the world.

What a great guy you are!

What a consultant you are,

For reducing expenses of family!

You cut down travel to near zero,

You closed down all malls so people can’t buy,

Things they don’t need,

You made them meet needs and shun wants,

The philosophy human race is yet to learn

What a great guy you are!

Political parties in India protest

By locking the state down thru strikes.

Forcing people by intimidation and threat,

And claim they are part of democracy and

The path shown by the Mahatma

But you have locked down the whole world

Spontaneously and totally,

Can you share your secret with

Our political parties in India,

What a great guy you are!

And what a great political reformer you are!

You have brought down the greatest autocrats

The world over to their knees,

Made them aware that there are things

Not under their control after all!

You care a damn for Xi ping or Trump,

And made Trump test for your presence,

With all his powers he could not say no.

Xing realized there are things

In his own country to be set right

Before he annexes territory after territory as his own,

Saying once upon a time it was Chinese!

What a great guy you are!

You spared no country

But you were lenient on some and harsh on others,

What was the deciding parameter?

Did you punish those manipulative ones that tell lies and mislead their own people,

And not those that were serving the people of their own countries?

Did you think the UN is largely ineffective in this respect?

What a great guy you are!

For all those not discharging their role effectively

You became a handy excuse

Businessman failing, politicians failing, simply people being lazy

All quote you as the reason for their failure,

But despite this, you don’t defend yourself,

And remain unaffected and impartial to one and all.

What a great guy you are!

You are just 27 to 34 kilobases in size,

But the effects you produce on the humans and the world at large,

Are huge indeed!

Are you vamana avatar by any chance

Or you took Viswarupa like Krishna did

to send a message to the wicked

how big he is!

What a great guy you are!

You are omnipresent, omnipotent,

So you think you are above God

you locked down temples, churches and mosques

Do you want to show you are more powerful than God?

No, no, God does not reside in temples, churches

and mosques but in people‘s hearts

Here you are helpless totally,

As you affect only their lungs and not hearts!

In spite of your greatness

You are second only to God.

This gives us a clue to tackle you,

Pray God apart from taking all

Preventive measures to evade you,

You are then helpless, totally.

Nevertheless, what a great guy you are!

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