Fasgaya – We are going to face elections that are going to be competitive like no other previous Elections.

21 MARCH 2019



We are going to face elections that are going to be competitive like no other previous elections. The political parties know this more than any one of us. It is but natural that in this scenario, political parties are going to indulge in maximum propaganda of lies more than facts. Also parties may try paid media, indulge in practices like that of Cambridge Analytica and other corrupt means so as to win come what may. To get to clarity from confusion as to what to believe and what not to believe, in order that we don’t get biased by this propaganda that is almost inevitable, I suggest the following approach.

The political parties naturally highlight the problems faced by the people and promise to sort them out if they are elected to power. These problems can be broadly classified into two categories: 1. Those that affect our family or groups of families directly. 2. Problems that affect the society at large.

For example the following problems affect directly our family or groups of families

Direct credit into farmer’s accounts: no middlemen and so direct +ve benefit to family – to every farmer family.

Electricity to villages - directly affects every family.

Cooking Gas – directly affects every family.

Increase in farm produce price to farmers- directly affects every family.

Health insurance for poor- directly affects every poor family.

And examples of those that affect society at large are:

-Loya conspiracy.

- Semen balloons.

- Church attacks?

Junaid beef angle?

Kathua "apologists"?

Reservations ended?

SC/ST Atrocities Act ended?

No tax benefits of demonetization?

Bank deposit panic?

NDA created NPAs?

Surgical strikes fake or real?



Had we trusted these problems highlighted by the political parties and the media how wrong we would have been! The following have already been proved false:

- Loya conspiracy? False

- Semen balloons? False

- Church attacks? False –

Junaid beef angle? False –

Kathua "apologists"? False –

Reservations ended? False –

SC/ST Atrocities Act ended? False –

No tax benefits of demon? False –

Bank deposit panic? False –

NDA created NPAs? False

Surgical strikes are fake: False

Even the ones that are not totally false are not totally true either. Like GST, demonetization etc.

My point is: even if all the false accusations above are not false, how does it affect us in our daily peaceful family life?

The first step to get clarity in our thinking as to whom to vote is to put any problem highlighted by any party into any one of these two categories of problems.

The category 1 problem is easy to verify whether what the political parties say about them is a lie or a fact: This is because we are the direct recipients and directly experiencing the result. Or some other family or groups of families are directly experiencing the result, which we can easily verify. The noise or the language and eloquence or periodic brave-a-do speeches of the political parties will not be able to influence us on these problems.

Regarding the category 2 problems, my suggestion is: we should keep them out of our judgement as to whether it is a lie or truth. So our decision to vote which party will not depend on the category 2 problems and the claims and the counter-claims on these by political parties.

We are actually looking for a Govt. that makes our family day-to-day life less bothersome, to govern us and not the ones that claim how many category 2 problems they solved or failed to solve.

This is not narrow minded selfishness: this approach is as a result of our elected govts. not being able to handle effectively our daily living problems for over 6 decades. This is a desperate attempt by us to focus the Govt. on what each family in this country deserves to get after waiting patiently for over 6 decades.

This approach by the voters will force govts. to do something real and immediate for the people rather than talking about some global isms based on religion, caste, creed, political systems like communism, socialism etc. that are global in character and based on past and not of immediate relevance to our family.

I hear a murmur that we cannot consider our family’s interest only in isolation but have to take care of societal interest also. I aver that if each family’s needs (not desires) are taken care of society is automatically taken care of by and large. This has happened in India over thousands of years. It is a western thought that a good society is a pre-requisite for good families. In India we have thought for ages that if each family is taken care of, the society will become automatically good. No wonder a Harvard research study aimed to find out which is the best institution in the world amongst social and business institutions found Indian family as the best institution in the world. And the study concluded : we found how the Indian family system works, but we are so sorry to say that, though we can understand every element of how it works, it is not possible for us in the west even to copy it!

So why don’t we the world’s best institution namely family in the front and put aside all other problems with tremendous scope for fuzzy, smoke and lies. This way we will get better clarity as to whom or which party to vote. can we try this out in the coming crucial 2019 general elections?

Muthuswamy N

Chairman & Managing Director

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