Farmers' laws issue.

19 November 2020


To change the frozen rigid thinking of people you need a pincer- one hard arm and one soft arm will have to be simultaneously presented . In this case the Govt. strategy has only soft arm so far and the farmers' strategy only the hard arm. Each has to think about the missing opposite arm for getting a grip. Have we ever seen a one-arm pakad doing its job?

The Govt. should tell the farmers that the farm laws are optional and the state Govts. have the autority to adopt the laws or not.

With this any state Govt. not adopting the laws will run the risk of not getting the huge benefits that may accrue to farmers. Looking at the the benefits that actually accrue to the ones in states that have adopted the laws, the farmers in the states not adopting the laws may start a sit in to force those state Govts. not adopting the laws to adopt the laws! But if the farmers’ apprehensions about the laws are true, the opposite may happen and the states that have adopted the laws may reverse their step.

Why keep fighting on possible advantages and disadvantages, theoretically? Try them out practically for one or maximum two years and go by the actual results of the experimentation.

Give the option of adopting the laws with amendments or not adopting them to the states and in one instant, the current crisis balloon will blow over.

Of course this suggestion has to be correctly timed for it to produce result. This Govt. and its ministers have been masters in timing and I leave it to them, though I will suggest around Jan 20 as the correct date.

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Patrick Grondin Says,   7/6/2021 3:35:40 PM