Fasgaya – Indigo's apology coming after expose by media.

08 November 2017



"Indigo's apology coming after expose by media and not immediately after the incident, and just suspending the staff and reinstating them after just 2 weeks and punishing the whistle blower staff prove amply the arrogance and misuse f power 9f the Indigo management.

Just telling too late that it is not ‘Indigo's culture’ to treat passengers that way shows the naivety of the Indigo management at the top and it seems they do not know fundamentals of man-management.

A delayed apology is characteristic of a negative escapism. Acording to me, Indigo that was once very good in passenger relations, started deteriorating when one of its VPs responsible for training and who was doing an excellent job, left Indigo. And it has become a rot now.

I, was a frequent traveller at Indiag and stopped travelling Indigo- unless forced -years ago when I could perceive the change of culture in top management. Naturally this change has flowed down the organization.

In industry customers are God: Service industries like hospitality and air, have the privilege of God coming to them, right in front and they need not have to go to Him! In airlines passengers are God. When you beat up passengers for any reason you are beating up God. And we all know how the response will be. Indigo management cannot use management jargon and silly tricks to reduce the impact on its bottom line that is created or destroyed by the customers and not any member of management, including the CEO.. Because of this shameful behaviour – not just by the staffers as is made out to be- but, more so, by the very top management that is totally responsible for creating the culture and ensuring it is practised down the line to the last employee in the organization, the airline is certain to go down unless the current culture is changed fast and effective way.

Repeated misbehaviour by the staff is a reflection of the top management culture created by the top management.

I for one as a passenger have decided to almost boycott the airline- particularly after the latest incident. After all Indigo is not the only airline in India today! Indigo management says the dignity of passengers and staff are its primary concern. They have borrowed this from South West airlines in the US and probably the most successful airline in the world. They are no where near dignity to customers given by SW. The top management of Indigo is confused when there is a conflict between dignity to passengers and dignity to its staff, as happened in this case.

This is yet another instance when a top management man leaves the excellent culture he has created is not sustained by the new incumbent and the institution goes for a toss -not immediately but after a few years as the absence of the old culture takes a few years to be perceived by the customer. I have examples from service and manufacturing industries to prove this point."

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