Suggestions for expediting justice without the stigma of justice hurried is justice buried 2!

23 FEB 2015

   Suggestion 6: As anything to do with courts take long, even the improvements to the system may take a long time to come. A centipede that is crawling may take a man walking at normal speed as super fast and think such a speed is impossible to achieve by anyone in the world! This perception is already deep in the justice delivery system in India, our country, as can be seen in the statement "justice hurried is justice buried". The million Rupee question is: what is the definition of hurried justice? Is anything less than quarter of a century 'hurried'?

To mitigate the damage done to the aggrieved party in the meantime, the least the courts could do is to expect execution of the judgment of the lower court, without any further delay and prescribe severe punishment for not complying with the lower court order and executing it. Such a provision will at least deny the enjoyment to the wrong-doer till the final judgment is delivered in all civil cases. This will also drive accountability in judges of the lower court since their judgment has now weight in the sense it will be immediately executed. If the lower court judgments are implemented immediately on expiration of appeal period (what is the need to file an execution suit when there is a provision for appeal against any order?), it would be a far better situation. The total number of cases would come crashing down, as the execution suits, that are equal in number to the suits on which any court delivers any judgment, are no longer required. Of course this has to go with other suggestions in this write-up.

Suggestion 7: Why courts shut down during 'vacation'? I had often wondered why courts have a summer vacation. They are not kindergarten schools nor are the advocates or the judges school kids. The entire world industry operates continuously without break but with break for its employees. Why not the court system? This adds enormous delay to the already over-delayed justice delivery system. Why not abolish vacation to courts but continue vacation to all people working in the courts, like in any other industry? Why the courts need vacation, during which the purpose for which they are created comes to naught?

More suggestions follow.

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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