Fasgaya – Changes that have happened in the last 5 years that did not happen in the last 60 years.

25 MARCH 2019



Changes within India, contd.:

We now feel we have a Govt. that acts:

Indians could perceive the presence of a govt. in the last 5 years as against a feeling of whether there is a Govt. at all before. In those days people used to ask ‘who is running India’ and the answer was: ‘Of course God. If you need any proof of existence of God, here it is: the fact that India is kicking and alive is proof of existence of God’.

India saw a performing Govt. – performing in spite of a completely negative opposition that tried to put many blocks to achievement- that considered all its members as servants to people, as a pleasant change, rather than considering and treating people as servants of the people in positions of authority. We pleasantly found people being placed above party even. We saw the ruling party taking feedback from people and acting on them as opposed to going to people only once in 5 years. In other words, we found that a Govt. can be people-responsive continuously even between elections, not just once in 5 years. So the people could feel the impact of the change in their daily normal living, changes which they could not see in the last 60 years. Instead of daily life being a challenge even for routine activities, we can go thru these daily routines more easily and in a better way, saving a lot of time and money.

We now feel we can question the logic behind any policy or decision:

Even common people questioning the logic behind the stand taken by the so-called great personalities is a very welcome sign for democratic values. Powers ceased to become brakes on freedom of speech. A political party permitting dissent from within is an acceptable phenomenon today side by side with those that still follow the old tradition of not permitting any dissent – particularly dissent with the chiefs of the parties- even within own party. People feel now they can question even so-called elites who oppose for opposing sake and even disrespect such elites. This was unthinkable even five years ago.

Even the elitists and the celebrities have to follow basic discipline such as loyalty to nation now, those with questionable loyalties in India do continue, no doubt, but the process of doing anti-India talks or actions have been attached with a cost. Earlier such people were respected and given VIP status.

The opposite also has started happening: Common man has started to getting recognized for his/her achievement, be it in service to society or in sports or any other field. Previously largely you have to be a god-father or have a god father to get government favours and any awards or you should have been recognized by some other world body first to get recognition from our Govt. or any other agency in India. Today even individuals from opposition parties get their due when they do good for the people or the Nation.

We now see the so-called elitist leaders getting exposed and we now feel to what low levels these self-styled leaders can go, in what they think, say and do.

Look at the level to which political dialogue has gone down: we will be ashamed to use such words in private leave alone in public. Our dark side gets revealed not when we are happy and doing well, but when we are facing not just adverse but hopeless situations. Any decent individual will not let go his frustration in public by using such language. We have put and kept such indecent individuals in positions of importance and authority in the country for over 60 years. This is a great learning for the people of India. I am sure the people of India will be far more selective in deciding whom to send to assemblies and Lok Sabha, not any more based on only the fame or the elitism of the individual. Our democracy gets strengthened further this way and this is a very good development.

We also get a doubt: are these people afraid of their survival in public life if the current party comes back to power? Why should they forego the trust that the people had put in them for so many years and now go to the extent of misleading them? Do they think they are more powerful than the people who gave them the power they enjoy in the first place? Specifically is it because such people have been thriving on a fabulous life of pleasure and luxury acquired through questionable means such as corruption and they now feel that this facility may be lost in future, thus literally closing the tap that was feeding them? In old days there was a saying: ‘If you cannot do anything in life, join politics’. Are these the remnants of such phenomenon? We now realize that the politicians should serve people simply and honestly to get trust from people and to keep the people’s trust in them. They cannot get the trust of people of India by laying their loyalty elsewhere, including loyalty to their own party. They have now tasted true service of politicians and what difference it can make in their daily life and for their future generations. They won’t sacrifice it for anything else, leave alone the garbage that comes out of the mouths of politicians today.

To be contd.:

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