Fasgaya – Changes that have happened in the last 5 years that did not happen in the last 60 years.

31 MARCH 2019



Changes within India, contd.:

Emergence of A thoroughly negative opposition that uses lies, irrelevant points and even indecent language in debates in an attempt to mislead and instigate people:

Dirty Trick No. 2: Using the Desired Conclusion as a Premise

“Using the desired conclusion as a premise — sometimes referred to as an a priori argument — is just a bold version of basing one’s arguments on false premises. The debater who employs this tactic merely restates his own conclusion as though it were a fact.”

Our examples:

Christian Michel trial by ED: The comments by the Congress party. The desired conclusion here is that the ED is vindictive as per directions of Govt. The fact remains nobody was brought to trial for the Sikh genocide in Delhi because the then Congress Govt. was ensuring the trials did not happen. And even in Michel’s case the previous govt. had ensured the event is hushed up and but for this Govt. we would not have had him for any trial as has happened for several years after the scam.


In fact, most of the cases mentioned under dirty trick no. 1 in my last article falls under this category as well.

Ringer continues:

“Dirty Trick #5: Taking the Offensive when Overwhelmed by the Facts

Taking the offensive with an aggressive, all-out attack is a strategy that goes a step beyond just feigning indignation and is often employed when the facts appear to be undermining one’s arguments. The more overwhelming the facts against the dirty-trick debater, the more aggressive he becomes and the more effective he is in getting the other party to back down. Thanks to Saul Alinsky, this has been an incredibly effective tool of the Dirty Dems for decades.”

In our country, this is known to everyone who watches the various T V channels that put these up with a motive as debates. In fact this has happened, including walk-outs from the debates, both by Pakistan and our Congress spokespersons, when facts have gone against their accusations.

Also look at Rafale deal outbursts in Lok Sabha; Rahul Gandhi and his paid assistants’ attack on the PM of the country, his parents and antecedents; challenging the PM for a 20-minute debate etc. on various issues though such persons challenging them are nowhere near him in what they have contributed to the Nation or even in plain intelligence and common sense and even in putting up points in the debate.

Dirty Trick #6: Making Intimidating Accusations

“Making intimidating accusations is another trademark of political debaters, the objective being to put the other party on the defensive. Some popular accusations, both in and out of the political arena, include: “You’re selfish”; “You don’t care about starving children”; and, the ultimate intimidating accusation, one that quickly brings most people to their apologetic knees, “You’re a (gasp!) racist.”

Some samples here in India are:

Chaiwala, choukidar is chor on PM!

PM is Hitler!

PM’s mother’s age,

PM’s father is unknown!

PM’s education certificate is fake!

Rafale and 5 questions from Raga.

The Rafale tape.

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