Fasgaya – Changes that have happened in the last 5 years that did not happen in the last 60 years.

04 APRIL 2019



Changes within India, contd.:

Emergence of A thoroughly negative opposition that uses lies, irrelevant and technically wrong points and even indecent language in debates in an attempt to mislead and instigate people:

Going back to what Robert Ringer was writing:

Dirty Trick #9: Demanding Proof for a Self-evident Fact

“There’s a whole school of thought that revolves around the idea that everything is relative and therefore nothing can be proven. The philosophy of relativism teaches that the premises people use to make judgments vary according to their genetic makeup, backgrounds, and environments. ….. if you allow someone to base his argument on the contention that a self-evident truth cannot be proven, an invalid conclusion is also a forgone conclusion.”

Examples: flash strikes: Our opposition asking: Did it ever take place? The same question was asked by Pak. and answered by them that the strike never took place!

The IAG strike on Palakot: very similar except that Pak itself admitted there was but our opposition was still suspicious about the whole strike.

The electricity connections, gas connections, bank account opening and direct transfer of Govt. benefits to several millions of homes that can be easily verified are questioned and dubbed as false claims by the Govt. and propagated heavily.

Even issues settled by the Supreme court of India CAG and even the armed forces, are kept alive by this phenomenon of demanding proof – the latest one is the Rafale deal. If all these institutions are dancing to the tune of one individual or the Govt. I would prefer such individual and the Govt. to rule in democratic India.

Also everything in the world cannot be proven: That is why the saying: Motherhood is a fact, fatherhood is only a belief.

We have to believe an individual in the opposition who says he met French president who told him the Govt. of India asked them to choose Anil Ambani of Reliance but not anyone else in the group of govts. including France which in fact has refuted the claim totally, companies involved in the deal!!! Why don’t we ask for proof that Raga met the French president in the first place and asked for the proof of this message that the president gave him!!

Rahul Gandhi says: Modi is a lyer. Mayawati and Mamata do not keep their promises without any proof whatsoever, Kejriwal should not even be worth talking to and expect the people of the country to believe him. He is safe here because he does not give any promises to people in the first place because he does not have a vision, a mission or anything worth the name for India and its people and hopes to win the election in the hope that people will still go by ‘I am o.k. everybody else is not o.k.’ of the Gandhi family and continue to vote for its party. The dynastic arrogance has crossed all limits and has to be put down only by the people of the Nation.

Robert Ringer continues:

Using Esoteric Words

“I’m an advocate of Occam’s Razor Principle (also known as the Principle of Parsimony), which states that the simplest and most direct explanation is generally the best explanation. Making explanations more complicated than necessary is often nothing more than a smokescreen intended to hide the facts.”

Shashi Tharoor is a classic example of this phenomenon. The common man needs a dictionary by his side to understand what he writes. The more complicated the words he thinks the better. The explanations given by experts, not necessarily in their field of their expertise, passes off as facts – say a noble laureate in any field, giving his opinion on a political issue, or say anyone without economics background, giving comments on economic issues that a common man never understands but accepts only because it comes from a self-styled or so-called icon. And of course you can get any of these experts for a price today to say what ever you want them to say.

Many articles appearing in the Press and as blogs in TV channels’ website belong to this category.

I’ll like to add a few more to Robert Ringer’s list as a keen observer of the Indian scene:

Trick #11: Arrogating to oneself the saviour role and how, without him, the country will go to dogs! See what the congress intelligentsia and spokespersons, and the entire opposition say:

“The constitution of India has to be saved!

We cannot permit the democracy of this country to be jeopardized!

This is one man’s rule!

PMO ‘controls’ every ministry and every minister!

The country is in great peril and we should join hands to oust this Govt. to save the Nation!”

If Modi comes to power again, we won’t have elections at all in this country and he will be the permanent PM of India!

Modi is Hitler.

Modi is a terrorist. People are scared of him.

True some people are really scared of him and that is why they have come together with the silly goal of removing one man from being PM. Modi is not Xi to make himself the permanent PM of the country for ever. He has immense respect for the democratic values and is self-disciplined enough to never perpetuate anything that jeopardizes the democratic fibre of India – like the congress PM who imposed emergency to save her throne/chair.

When we have survived emergency and restored democracy in all its glory, we should not get intimidated by such doomsday soothsayers. In any case India is not so feeble that it needs these individuals with feeble capabilities who have no track record of any achievement at all to make India better.

To clear ourselves and our minds, we should ask such soothsayers to come out with specific examples for every one of the above statements that they have made. They cannot give any one specific example of any one of the accusations they are making: I feel the only problem that answers why they are making all these accusations without any basis or proof and based only on their creative imagination i.e., lies is that they are facing a severe cash crunch and an uncertain future for themselves and their parties. All the criticism they make is only to oust the govt. that created this massive problem for them in such a short time.

To be contd.:

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