Fasgaya – Changes that have happened in the last 5 years that did not happen in the last 60 years.

06 APRIL 2019



Changes within India, contd.:

Trick #12: Pick on one individual and attack him for all ills that is happening in the country as though he is the sole and the only cause of all the ills that have been created by 6 decades before the latest 5 years.

We now see to our satisfaction that the Supreme court (judgments that go against the ruling party), election commission, the entire military, CBI, RBI and every institution in the country have now been freed from the clutches of the Govt. and if they act in their newly found freedom in their professional life they should have indeed acted freely and professionally for all these years for which there are only very few examples; the examples abound for getting punished even for straying a little outside the central govt. or the so-called High Command of the party. These institutions now feel they can now act without any fear or fervour very professionally and it is so nice to see them doing their job for which they were created in the first place. Why blame it on the PM and his vindictiveness, whether or not he is anywhere near the site of action or the action itself? If there is a road accident or the mine accident the PM should visit these places as priority 1 rather than doing something worthwhile for the Nation is the opposition’s demand! If there is a rape in any corner of this massive Nation, PM should make a statement in Parliament! He should also answer accusations from people with a fraction of his IQ and common sense, with no basis of proof. If he does not do this, because he thinks he ahs better things to do for the Natiojn and its people, he is Hitler. Should the elected PM of India follow his daily schedules set by the opposition?

Trick #13: If one fails to achieve his objective i.e., winning a debate, simply shout down all the rest who are talking!

If you doubt this, simply watch Repulic TV and Times Now debates -particularly when the Pak and the congress spokespersons are talking! And now the cancer is spreading to other channels as well.

The consequences of following all these tricks are that there cannot be team work within the party. The party starts degenerating, and the people in the party, seeing that such an approach is leading to disaster, are quitting the parties that they have been attached to loyally for decades.

The second side effect is that the intelligentsia in such parties are forced to toe the party line, however indefensible the party line may be; they are forced to use their intelligence to come out with a logic that is all but one and the logic is so non-sensical that people are wondering what happened to these otherwise brilliant people. Intelligence is a form of energy after all, energy is blind in the sense it works only in the direction in which it is applied and if it is applied to make a lie look like truth, the effort flops.

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