Fasgaya – Changes that have happened in the last 5 years that did not happen in the last 60 years.

23 MARCH 2019



I am not a politician nor do I belong to any political party. I am an engineer and management professional and consultant, just 77 years young!

I am a proponent of balance between any two opposites: When it comes to changes, I do not recommend change for change sake but I also don’t belong to the class that says: Do not rock the boat at all under any circumstances, that is, simply maintain the status quo.

I am looking at the major changes that have taken place over the last 5 years compared to the last 60 years in the Indian mind-set particularly in Indian politics and the people’s response thereto.

India in the eyes of the world at large:

From supporting one of the blocks of Nations over the last 60 years, India today is viewed as a mature and trustworthy Nation by most nations of the world. We are friends of several Nations who have foes- sometimes arch-rivals- among themselves. We have visited and interacted with Nations we have never visited or interacted before. Our not being able to get along with one neighbour does not come in the way of our being perceived as only our fault anymore. Certainly we are not perceived as strongly belonging to this ism or that ism whether it is religion, or type of political thinking. We are perceived largely as a nation with strong grounding in ethics, democratic values with diverse religions, languages and all political isms and all shades of right, centre and left thinking in the world living together as one Nation. We are perceived as a nation where freedom of speech is largely respected, where lies are not manufactured and followed as a state policy in our interactions with other countries. Indians, particularly our NRI’s and youngsters , wherever they go, are not looked upon as belonging to an under developed nation but respected as young people with intelligence, knowledge, skill and expertise and yet hard-working. We have been this way all along but the world perception today about us has climbed some significant notches up. India is perceived as an upcoming super-power with balanced thinking (though strongly nationalistic, yet not being chauvinistic) and respecting humanity as a whole. This is our biggest asset today.

The benefits of this perception are of course accruing to Indians at large both within the country and outside.

From dependence on others to secure ourselves and sort out our problems, to dependence on ourselves to secure ourselves and to sort out our own problems.

We did not realize our own strength to sort out our problems in our own way, including sorting out terrorism problems and securing our country and people in the last 60 years largely. From an assumption of ‘no action is wisdom’ to ‘action is also wisdom’, from ‘dialogue is the only solution to no dialogue is also a solution’, from a thought process which was ‘what other countries would say if we do this or say this’, to a thought process ‘we would convince other countries of why we do what we do in sorting out our problems including terrorism and security of the Nation and its people’ and from ‘time will solve the problem and so wait indefinitely’ to ‘take the bull by the horn and sort it out.’

From being losers largely and taking the loss as inevitable to becoming winners largely and facing defeats as learning opportunities.

Be it sports or diplomacy we have got out of a losing streak for over 60 years and out of a tendency to take these failures philosophically to winning decisively, and yet taking it philosophically, avoiding arrogance and boasting. This has helped in boosting the self-confidence and self – image of the majority of Indians numbering a billion and in unleashing their tremendous potential that had been dormant so far. From an upper hand that Pak had for 65 years to Pak breathing hard now, not knowing what to do to counter India either militarily or diplomatically. Even the Kashmiris who could be blatantly anti-India and could create apparent uprising against India are clueless now.

From appreciating personalities blindly to appreciating performers whatever strata of society they may come from.

This has been happening though the speed could have been higher even in the last 5 years. Also the unsung heroes are being recognized though not the identification of such unsung heroes has to be improved significantly; this is a very good sign for a country that abounds in youngsters with tremendous potential. People / population being taken as the biggest liability of India to people / population as the biggest asset of India is a major noticeable change. Relatively less known but highly capable people have started occupying positions of authority like President, CM, central ministries where they have shown their mettle through shear performance, cutting across religion, caste, creed, social status and also gender in such appointments. Even the world has appreciated people so chosen. We proved in the last 5 years that greatness gets enhanced, not diminished, with simplicity and there is no need to show off to prove we are great.

The result was fantastic: A common man started thinking that he can also become great: This increase in self-confidence, from a feeling of ‘only they can but I cannot’ to a feeling ‘who said I cannot, I certainly can,’ led to the unleashing the potential of common men and women across the country, resulting in a surge and josh across many fields that we experience today.

India and Indians as a whole, from a perception across the world that they are sleeping lions to a perception that the lions have not just woken up but started not just to walk but run. The consequences are for everyone to see: india going up by leaps and bounds in the ranking of comity of Nations.

Muthuswamy N

Chairman & Managing Director

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