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05 MARCH 2018



Just two points I would like to make: 1. The excuses made by the losing parties. 2. Not learning from past defeats.

I am taking up these points because they have become standard stereotypes that has become boring to say the least.

Excuses made by the losing parties:

These are parroted out: EVM problem. Money and muscle power. Incumbency.

But strangely the very people and parties that parrot out these are silent about these very problems when they win!

It is therefore obvious even to those making these charges that they are only excuses and yet they make them. This they have to do it -may be as a natural instinct for survival - their own and of their party’s.

Not learning from past mistakes:

Soniaji said ‘Maut ki saudhagar’ before the last but one Gujarat elections and lost the elections.

The congress party said ‘chaiwala’ and lost the elections.

Mani Shankar Iyer said Modi is ‘neech’ and the congress lost the last Gujarat elections in spite of trying its time-tested policy for winning elections namely divide and rule on the basis of religion and caste. Raga became an election Hindu, congress bought over patidars and Dalits through their so-called leaders. All in all congress made a vigorous effort but yet failed to win power and form a Govt. in spite of 22 years of incumbency.

The clear message to anyone who is blind enough not to see is: Do not indulge in character assassination of Modi and do not follow the divide and rule policy. But yet congress won’t learn the lesson. Raga came out with the ‘choukidar’ comment and the congress again whipped up religion as a factor. Yet again congress failed. Last time Raga got Mani Iyer suspended and now whom will he suspend? Himself? At least would he step down from the position as president owning responsibility for the failure? Will CPM take accountability and acknowledge defeat in Tripura?

This aspect is what should bother us very much: The absence of a responsible opposition that would take accountability. The only party that could call itself a national opposition party itself is not doing it. This is not at all healthy for democracy. The blocks to learning from mistakes and failures, a serious kind of dyslexia, which is at the root of the parroting out standard excuses is what should bother us as a nation and the democratic set-up in particular.

This can be done only by a leader with a vision to match BJP which no party in India has as of today. The congress has many people who may be in disagreement with the current culture in the party but these are people with no guts – an essential ingredient to be a leader. Unless somebody emerges and splits off from Congress with a completely new culture -oriented towards service to people, issues and not personalities, putting people ahead of the party, leave alone a family- and for dong all this, you need guts, there is no possibility this would happen. Indira Gandhi had guts and she split the party. Now the party needs someone like Indira (I mean only for guts) acutely badly.

The other point is: even if one had guts and splits, where is the finance to run the party? That is why I say the financial control has been retained by the leader – be in south or the congress- even if the party has got a treasurer for accounting purposes (only). This can be done only by a person who believes that finance will come automatically if he inspires confidence in people he is the leader who would improve their lot. Such a person is one who knows that finance is an automatic by-product of focussing on people at large of the country and not the other way around. How many are there in the congress today with this mind-set?

If you look back deeply this is the way Narendra Modi adopted and BJP came up to rule the country and majority of its states.

The congress can copy slogans, style of speech etc. but unless these are oriented towards the people – all the people irrespective of caste and religion- and issue and not personality oriented, and oriented towards blindly coveting power even at the cost of good to the people, using the intellectuality of its top to manipulate the thinking of people, this ditto copying BJP won’t work; in fact it would work but in the opposite direction that would ultimately lead to wiping out the congress, if this has not happened already.

So my prayer is: ‘Oh God, give some sense to the Congress leadership’.

Raga promised a shining congress in 6 months when he took over as the President of the congress party. That time limit is May 2018. We are in March. What miracle can happen in 2 months’ time? I pray the does happen!

Also we need nothing short of another miracle now to dislodge BJP in 2019.

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