The gutless Media and the Press

09 NOV 2015

Passion of Press and the Media

   Our media do not have guts to take on the administration and politicians for all the controls and obstacles that they impose on the people of India when they are meant to facilitate the progress of the people of India The media turn the other way when politicians divide and rule India – an old British legacy- on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender, language etc. After sixty and odd long years, there are symptoms of the Press and the Media taking on the administration and politicians. Even here they do not take up issues of significance to the people of India and to India. They criticize on some trivial issue of little consequence to the people and the country. Moreover the criticism is criticizing for criticizing sake – like oppose for opposition sake by politicians - that spoils such welcome and good attempts. When you criticize for criticism sake, people can easily see that the focus of the media is not the people but themselves. When you criticize for the people sake, the co-operation from people would be overwhelming and the Press will get the entire credit. Did this not happen in Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption? And to an extent in the VVIP campaign? But lo! Even the decision to publish or not a letter to the editor is biased and linked to the gutless ‘but….however’ policy of the newspaper. Many worthwhile letters to the editor by people who have the vision to see what is good for people are not published. And the arrogance is for the Press to not even tell and return the letter to the editor, so the writer can attempt to get it published anywhere else but of course there is hardly any chance that it will ever be published in the Indian Media and the Press. Let us not forget that it was left to the Times of the US to put Manmohan in the cover page for the most non-performing Prime Minister of the world, when he was indeed in the peak of non-performance or the deepest valley or nadir of his performance. Where is the freedom of expression in the Press and the Media, which they sing as a chorus when a small control on them is envisaged, not yet implemented, in National interest that can affect the country’s borders or unity and integrity of India?

How long the Press and the Media are going to remain gutless like the Election Commission was before Mr. T.N Seshan?

To get guts in a positive way, the only thing that the Media and the Press in this country have to do is to shift their focus to the people of India and to our country India. It is so easy then for the free Press and the Media in this country to become gutful against any power- bureaucracy or politician. Such guts comes from within.

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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