The consequence of gutlessness on the part of the Media and the Press:

16 NOV 2015

Passion of Press and the Media

   The direct consequence of gutlessness on the part of the media and the press in the country is the inability of them to profess strongly anything or to appreciate or criticize strongly anything of relevance and significance to the people of India. It is like the politicians worried about their votes and banking on and indulging in vote bank politics.

Look at the editorials and headlines for example. They are not decisive and firm. They are pretty meek. They invariably do not take a stand or express the view one way or the other. They fall into what I call the ‘but- however’ mode. That is after making a point seemingly strong, they immediately follow it up with ‘ but ……however’ and water down the stand that they themselves have taken just before. This is as a result of the media feeling that they are being neutral. Such neutrality is useless as it does not tell where the particular Press or the media stand. There is no difference between the politicians fearing that they would lose their vote bank if they take a strong stand against any issue without appeasing the opposite point of view on the issue. Do they fear their readership or following will fall as politicians fear about the votes they would get in the on-coming elections? Or is that they cannot take a strong stand because their masters – political or financial- do not want them to take a stand that is not convenient for them to take?

I am sorry to say that the ‘but ….however’ neutrality grips the entire spectrum of the Press and the Media.

I am not telling that the Press and the Media should not put forth the opposite point of view; indeed it their role to do that. But why don’t they make it clear what out of the options in the best for the people and why so?

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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