Another consequence of gutlessness on the part of the Media and the Press:

23 NOV 2015

Passion of Press and the Media

   A second, more serious consequence of the Press and the Media gutlessness is its inability to locate and nourish leaders of caliber and vision in any party or in one who does not belong to any party also. The Press and the Media meekly accept any one chosen and passed off as a leader – of a party or a Govt.- and start hailing them as great leaders. Take the case of Dr. Manmohan Singh, no doubt a great economist, but a complete and total non-leader. It was left for the Time magazine of the US to discover this and feature in a cover story, with solid resons, no Indian media or the Press had the guts to say so. Either they lack guts or caliber or both.

The second example where the Indian Press and the media’ failure is in telling the people- who receive their services- that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is not a leadership material at all either for the party or the Govt. and with reasons. What he talks if and when he does is at a level whereby it is difficult if not impossible to perceive him as a leader talking.

The Press and the media failed to spot Modi as a leader. It would be fair to say that Mr. Modi won each of the three elections and became the chief minister of Gujarat in spite of the Press and the Media and not because of even one of them. He again became the Prime Minister in a similar fashion.

The above examples show that the Press and the Media do not catch the pulse of the people which is their primary job- not just in whom people perceive as their leader but in any other issue as well. This cannot be done unless they find a way to be in touch with the people, which they are hardly. And this cannot be done by being gutless and by fearing that their readership and viewer-ship will fall down. I have seen one channel even making the height of its viewer-ship bar chart highest even though the numbers below show that they are not the highest!

Such a Press and the Media are not in the long term interest of democracy in India. Democracy has taken roots in India – mainly because its people want democracy and not any other form of governance and in spite of the Press being personality and party-oriented and not issue oriented.

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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