The debates in Indian television

29 SEP 2015

Press and Media

   The special invitees for the debates in Indian television are chosen so that the channel appears neutral. But if you carefully notices, the time given for some invitees are far more than for others, giving a certain feeling that the channel is being used as a platform by the chosen special invitee to put his point of view very elaborately to the public at large. Another subtle way the channels promote their chosen special invitees is by asking questions that are conducive to the chosen invitees. These questions are put in a subtle way by some anchors and in blunt and frank way by others, like ‘the people of India have the right to know the reason for’ etc. The anchor should know that the people of India and the channel, leave alone the anchor are not the same! Thankfully we have passed the age of India is Indira and Indira is India. No channel is India! Neither India is any one channel or any one anchor! And who chooses these special invitees who will get priority and given a disproportionately high attention and time? May be the channel owner or a political party that gives good amount of business to the channel, if the anchor himself / herself is not directly involved. Obviously one cannot afford to ignore anyone who feeds us.

The receiving system is pretty obvious to guess and no amount of subtlety and intelligence of the Press people can succeed in hiding the receiving system in their mind when they say what they say and do what they do: We can stop the Press from directing our thinking in a way that is harmful to the people of this great Nation but advantageous to a subgroup of this Nation and harmful to all the people of the Nation..

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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