One unfortunate craving of the Media and the Press.

19 OCT 2015

Passion of Press and the Media

   There is an acute craving on the part of the Media and the Press to blow out of proportion a trivial issue that has hardly any impact on the people of India. They discuss it, analyze it and debate it as though the whole of life of India and that of Indians are dependent on this trivial issue. I need not have to give examples for this because they are so many of them every day. Why can’t they have a sense of perspective?

Particularly after the Narendra Modi Govt. took over, the media seems to be starved of major issues. Thankfully there is no scam every day to report and there is no grapevine to report from the corridors of power. After a year they seemed to have got one issue: Lalit Modi – Sushma scam. But the way they presented it as awesome (where is the sense of proportion compared to the coal and 2 G scams?) and the way it fizzled out every one knows. Why are they having an itch to highlight something bad when there are umpteen good things that happen on which they can report?

Can they ask one simple question before they decide the time to be given to an issue or a news item to in their channels and the space in the newspaper? What relevance or impact the news has- quantitatively and qualitatively - on the people of India? How much does it matter to the people of India in the short term, in the long term? Is the time and importance given to the ‘oppose for the opposition sake politicians’ justified and that too on a non-issue? The Media and the Press are wasting the precious time of millions of people of India, apart from other resources.

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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