Fasgaya – Rajni Entering Politics.

02 JANUARY 2018



Mr. Rajnikant has public support as an enviable asset required to be successful in politics. People perceive him as a good person at heart – just like people perceived MGR who could overthrow Karunadhi, who was all-powerful and unshakable at that time. He is therefore qualified enough to throw out the Dravidian parties that have ruined TN in the name of helping out Tamilians.

He should take care not to misuse these two tremendous advantages he starts with to his personal or family advantage like the other actors and parties n Tamil Nadu have done.

The one guideline he should follow is to boldly locate the most burning problems that the people of TN face today, locate the root cause of these problems arranged in descending order of headache to the people of TN and have the courage to implement changes that give + to i.e., that is the changes that are obviously beneficial to the people in one chosen problem at a time. After solving the first problem on the list he should move onto the second and so on, one problem at a time one after the other.

Of course there are many problems as there are no dearth of problems created by misrule of four decades or more of the Dravidian parties. Rajnikant prioritize problems for each ministry, strategize solutions to the top most problem in each and leave it to the ministers and bureaucrats to solve them within an agreed to time-frame but only in the order of priorities decided centrally. This is exactly the methodology being followed by Narendra Modi at the centre. Rajni’s openness and lack of arrogance (that he knows everything and nobody else), would help him to take advice both in locating the problems, sequencing them in their priority and also in finding strategic solutions to them. The lack of experience in politics and administration could turn out to be an asset this way as he does not have pre-conceived notions about the problems or the solutions. The lack of knowledge and experience and even education will help him in being more open, in seeking advice from more people who know the reality and then coming to a solution which is in the benefit of people in the long run. Openness in him is a very good thing, in the sense he does not hesitate to take advice from anyone for the issue in question- unlike the arrogant congress and other parties of the State. He has proven it in acting or religion as per his past record. He is not dogmatic like Kamala Hassan who praised the Left for what Kerala is today, without imagining what Kerala could have been today but for the Left! He is not irreligious or non-believer, an impression that Kamala Hassan has given as the majority of people in TN are religious and believers.

This approach would enable him to deliver results fastest and build such a credibility of people in him that the people of TN would pour love and affection on him in his political role also – just like they have done in his actor’s role.

I disagree with Subramaniam Swamy with whom I agree on most issues that Rajni Kant has erred in entering politics. At least the timing of his entry is near perfect and timing of any decision is a critical strategic parameter. There cannot be a better timing of his decision to enter politics.

Rajnikant’s success depends on following the above methodology to solve the burning problems of the people of TN and once he starts doing this, each of his move will become a Mass movement – a key requirement of introducing major, even painful, changes in quick time. He should create a State Think ( STT) comprising of experts to whom he listens to, and cross checks what the team says with people on line and acting boldly and fast on each issue. This STT team can include even people from other parties – similar to the concept of experts in Rajya sabha, including Subramaniam Swamy!

We wish Rajnikant a very productive New year in the field of politics and good luck in bringing TN and its emotional and good people to the forefront of the Nation. We strongly feel that Rajni can be and will be a better leader than MGR!

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