What is Right and What is Wrong?– Article 2.

08 MAY 2023


Step 2: If there is more than one receiving system for your decision or action, prioritize them in the decreasing order of power. The system with the least dependence on other systems has the maximum options to decide or act, and so, the system with maximum options is more powerful; the customer has the power to opt to move out of us and choose anyone else in our place as supplier. The system with the least dependence on other systems is therefore a more powerful super-system if you are facing more than one receiving system or super system for your decision or action.

For example, in official decisions, the correct order of more powerful to less powerful receiving or super systems is the external customer, the company, the internal customer and the boss in that order. This is because the boss depends on the internal customer, as without the internal customer, there is no need for the internal supplier department and boss of that department. In the same way, there is no need for internal customer departments if the company is not there and so the company is more powerful than any internal customer department; finally, there is no company if there are no external customers. So, the external customer is the most powerful receiving system or super system. We name the external customer as SS1, the company as SS2, the internal customer as SS3 and boss as SS4.

In the home front in India, SS1 is the family (‘khandan’ or the family culture), SS2 are the children, SS3 are the parents/spouse and SS4 is the society. In the US, the family is SS4, the children SS3, the parents or spouse SS2 and the society is SS1. This is because of the cultural differences between the two countries.

For some people conscience is a Super System or receiving system in whatever they do, as they decide and act strictly as per their conscience only. For some others spirituality is the Super System. Such spiritual people think that the force above and beyond us is directing our thoughts and actions. Some people think that they are the super system as anything they do or think affects them more than anyone else and so they should check what effect their decision or action has on them first.

So, in all, there are 11 SS’s, 4 on the official side, 4 on the personal side, conscience, spirit, and oneself.

The receiving or supersystems depend on the roles we play in life on different occasions. For a given role, we can figure out which of these 11 SS’s are relevant and which are not.

The roles we play in our lives can be decided by us using our free will. But it is also a reality that many times we are forced to perform roles that are not our choice, not based on our free will, but are thrust on us. Even in such a case we should work out the relevant receiving or super systems out of the above 11, for the role we play at any time and prioritize them also.

But we must be cautious about choosing ourselves as a super system in any role we play in life, forced on us or otherwise.

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