What is Right and What is Wrong?– Article 3.

15 MAY 2023


For quite a few in the twenty first century “I” i.e., oneself is the super system. Such people think and ensure they, more than anyone else, get the maximum benefit in whatever they decide to do. ‘What do “I” get if I take this decision’ is the primary driving force for these people. When I or self becomes SS1, the person thinks he must take care of himself and his possessions, as others cannot be trusted upon for taking care of him and his possessions.

The people with ‘I’ as the super system also spend an excessive amount of the most powerful resource they have at their command, namely time, on themselves: They spend a lot of their time on their body, health, looks, and on what they like. (Whether or not what they like does good to them in the long- term or not.) They watch excessively TV’s, movies, playing computer games, take harmful drinks excessively and even drugs etc. only because they like them. Such people with ‘I’ as the SS think about and get lost in the short term benefits they get, and in the process, lose the long term benefits by avoiding the excessive time they spend on these; they win in every transaction in the sense they feel great in short term i.e., they win the battle but lose the war i.e., they are unable to escape the long term terrible effects of these on themselves. Please note that I am not against any of these activities or smoking or drinking or even taking legally permitted drugs if one does not become a slave to these. But when one gets addicted to these, he/she becomes a slave to the detriment of oneself- in the long term, certainly. And when one becomes a slave, he is certainly not a winner. Compare these people with those who do these things only to take a break from the work they are doing, and they decide how much time they spend on these and do return to the work they were doing on time. They are the masters over these very activities and are not slaves to them.

The people with ‘I’ as the SS, also assume with enormous over-confidence that what they think, say or do is the only right thing and all other thinking, saying, or doing is wrong. This ensures that they are averse and opaque to any thinking, saying, or doing other than their opinions and have deaf ears to anybody else or dumb to even any knowledge giving tools such as books. Therefore, such a system with “I” as the SS1, becomes a closed, insulated system, like the automobile engine; so, the second law of thermodynamics, another inviolable energy law, takes over. This law says that chaos increases with time and the system degenerates over a period. People with “I or myself” as the SS1 manipulate in such a way that “I” gets a + i.e., an advantage to oneself in every transaction that they are involved in, at the cost of other systems, even at the cost of super systems, to which they can and do give minus. In other words, it is a highly selfish system. The root cause of such a phenomenon is the emotional insecurity in them which makes them think who else in the world will take care of them if they don’t take care of themselves. Such systems do degenerate over time. By desiring and manipulating to win every transaction, they would of course win the battle but lose the war. As examples, we can take countries which are overly nationalistic; these countries think that whatever governing systems or ‘isms’ they follow is the only right system and start enforcing it on neighboring countries and others. In other than national levels, people start forcing others to follow their proclaimed sense of values and no other.

Step 3: Now, exercise your free will and think and arrive at whatever decision you think is right and find what your decision gives to the receiving system SS1 for the role you are in. If SS1 gets a minus, it indicates a red signal in the traffic island of decision-making. Do not go ahead with the decision you have taken out of exercising your free will. If SS1 gets a +, it is a green signal in the traffic island and so go ahead with the decision you have taken out of exercising your free-will, without any hesitation. This is because, as per Newton’s third law or law of karma, whatever you give to the supersystem will come back to you, rarely immediately but for sure in the long term. To proactively avoid future problems, we should not go ahead with decisions taken by exercise of our free- will that give minus to SS1, when we play any role, particularly because super systems have more options and are therefore more powerful than we as supplier systems. This alone is a sufficient brake in the exercise of our free-will so that the decisions we take are balanced and do not result in future, currently unseen, problems for us. Just one key dynamic, the super system for the role we are in, decides what is right and what is wrong. This method eliminates the personal opinions of individuals in deciding right and wrong. That is why I decided to write a book on this topic and called it Success through Supersystems. We can now define virtue and non-virtue, and virtuous and non-virtuous decisions and actions as follows:

Those of our thoughts, expressions, decisions, and actions that give + to the receiving system SS1 for the role we are in, are virtuous and righteous and those of our thoughts, expressions, decisions, and actions that give minus to the super system SS1 for the role we are in are non-virtuous and vicious.

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