What is Right and What is Wrong?– Article 5.

29 MAY 2023


We were talking about Means and Ends at the end of article 4.

We must have clarity in identifying what is right and what is wrong. We have just discussed this aspect above. A concise summary of What we had observed is the following:

In any role, there are receiving systems of the results of the role we are performing: These receiving systems do have a hierarchy. We call the highest of all these receiving systems SS1, the next SS2 etc. Thus, in a role we perform in office, the SS1 is the external customer of the organization, SS2 is the organization we work for, SS3 is the internal customer or the receiving system for the role we are performing and SS4 is the boss of our department. As you can see the least dependent and therefore the most powerful system is SS1 the external customer, the next the organization that depends on the external customer only and so the second, the third the internal customer and finally the boss of the supplier department.

In a role we perform at home, the SS1 is our family, SS2 our children, SS3 our parents or spouse and SS4 the society we live in. This order can change with a country’s tradition and sense of values. If we live in America, society becomes SS1 displacing the family to the fourth place.

Those of our thoughts, expressions, decisions, and actions that give + to the receiving system SS1 for the role we are in are right and those of our thoughts, expressions, decisions, and actions that give minus to the receiving system SS1 for the role we are in are wrong.

Now suppose we indulge in using our free-will, decisions, expressions and actions that result not only in minus to the receiving system SS1 but simultaneously give + to ourselves (as we consider ourselves as the SS1) it is doubly harmful to us. These are normally people who have a serious emotional security issue, think that nobody in the world is there to take care of them and only they must ensure their safety, security and survival; for ensuring survival, they indulge in manipulative actions that involve creating imaginary situations that in reality do not exist, through a bundle of lies. We should be beware of such “smart” people around us and at least cross-check whatever they tell us; we should not assume whatever they say is true. Let us remember that such people are great actors, and it will be difficult for us to perceive what they are telling us to be utter, malicious lies or truth.

When the return is going to be equal and opposite as per Newton’s third law or the law of Karma, why are we worried about getting + to ourselves by giving minus to the receiving system SS1? Why we do not simply give + to the receiving system SS1 of whatever role we are in, without even thinking about whether we ourselves get a + or minus? Why are we not comfortable in the thought that the return + has no option except to come back to us as this is based on the third law of Newton or the law of Karma – an inviolable energy law? People who understand this are always ‘right’ and are therefore happy for ever, despite any situation or role they are called upon to perform. The receiving system SS1 being a customer, and as customer is God, and the return from God is prasad (blessing). accept it whether it is what you had desired or even the opposite of what you had desired: This is the attitude of people who know how to be happy irrespective of the situation they currently face in life.

With this understanding, identifying, and practicing ‘right’ means is not such a selfless or demanding thing as thought out to be. It is a pleasure to be right! If our focus is on the receiving system SS1 of the role we are in and whatever we do to give + to SS1, that ‘whatever we do’ is right and good. If on the other hand we get stuck to something as “good” and the opposite as “bad,” and do whatever we consider as good, and, if in the process, the SS1 gets a minus because of that good thing we did, that good thing is ‘wrong’ and bad. If we remove the receiving system from our consideration when we perform a role, it becomes difficult to follow the laid down ‘right’ now-a-days. But if we have the receiving or the correct Super System in focus in whatever role we do, we can follow the laid down ‘right’ or even its opposite that majority think is ‘wrong’, as our aim is not to follow what is laid down as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but to give + to SS1. That is why it is not difficult to be ‘right’ but rather easy and enjoyable to be ‘right’.

Some examples:

Telling lies invariably has oneself as the SS1 and is therefore a non-virtue. But if SS1 is not oneself but say for example a ruler telling a lie to give + to the people he rules, (SS1 for ruler is people) telling a lie is a virtue! So, what the receiving system gets from the role one plays decides what is virtue and what is not, not just what one says or does!

When a manager breaks a rule to give + to the customer, it may even mean a minus to the organization, the manager is “right.” We feel only those managers who know what rule to break when -only in those few occasions when the customer gets +- are above in effectiveness than those other managers who never break any rule of the company on all occasions. For following rules blindly, we need only computers and not human beings at all. Computers can be programmed to say yes or no based on the rules of the company.

Similarly, when a political party breaks a rule occasionally in the interest of the Nation and its people, it is not wrong. Right or wrong depends on what the receiving system in that role receives by our decisions and actions and not just the means we adopt per se as per a fixed, non-changing “right “and “wrong” sense of values.

The following 2x2 matrix explains clearly what I have been saying:

Please note that I should not be the Super system in any transaction.


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