Especially for SME – 12: More about Uniqueness as a resource.

3 November 2021


SME 2: So, what you are telling is, we have to be on continuous on-line communication with our customers and actual users, seeking problems and not appreciation alone and for collecting outstanding alone of course!

Mr. Lowe: You said it: The feedback from the customer on your product and services is the lifeline of your business. It is true with any line in life, be politics or medicine or anything else. Look at the Modi Govt.: What is man ki bhaat by the PM? Is it not collecting problems of people from them and sorting them out? He has been doing continuously not failing even once for the past several years. Is it not continuous on- line touch with the people who are the customers of politicians? Does it not indicate the PM’s genuine intentions to make and keep people happy? Before him, politicians used to come to people only once in 5 years before elections to get votes. See what Ma(u)nmohan did and Raga did: They announced with much fare that they would be in touch with people and could not do more than just once!

SME2: If the customer gives appreciation only, should we continue to talk?

Mr. Lowe: Even if he gives you only appreciation, accept it and thank him profusely but your conversation should not end until he gives at least one improvement point on any aspect of your product or service. One customer told us: We need 10 copies of invoices and not 9 as you are giving now, can you? Your answer should always be a firm yes.

SME 1: Does this mean we can stop improvements once he says no problems?

Mr. Lowe: No, put yourself in the position of the actual user and the customer and suggest problems and solutions. You can stop your conversations only at your own peril. Never, ever stop for any reason, take care of your life-line. You should be happy until he gives you spontaneously, without your asking, information about your competitor! This industrial espionage works but no other. Take action on what you have heard that will benefit all your customers and, of course, ultimately yourself and your SME.

I will always say only when the customer gives you information about competitor who is trying to enter or already a supplier to your customer, your product or service has reached a good level. How can you expect your competitor to thrive at your cost under these circumstances? You make it impossible to do anything against you by making your customer spontaneously tackling your competitor and keeping him at bay.

SME 1: But many times, we get problems from the customer even if we have not asked for it! Obviously he is experiencing hardships with our product or service. And the only thing we do is to defend ourselves by explaining to him: we have ISO in our company and such a thing can never happen, it could have happened because of such and such reason etc.

Mr. Lowe: The first thing you should do is to drop your all defenses and listen, accept and then internalize and ACT to remove his problem for ever. That may also be relieving similar problems faced by your other customers as well.

SME 2: Sometimes we do remove problems we have heard from customers but they still think the problem continues!

Mr Lowe : It is critical to let the customer know that you have resolved his problem and are looking for feedback how well the solution is working. This communication is as critical as listening to his problem and solving it! That is why I said the live touch communication with the customer is the life line of any business or service. ………….contd.


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