Especially for SME’s – 27: Time-How to make Never say no to customer and make it happen, a way of life in the organization?

16 February 2022


SME 1: Yes, after your convincing us, we would never say no to our customers and make our commitment happen. But what if anyone in our organization undoes whatever we do?

Mr. Lowe: We have found a simple way of making this happen from the worker up to and including the CEO in any organization. After convincing why giving (+) to the external customer is critical now-a-days, in training sessions covering everyone, and in orientation as soon as a new employee joins, we come out with a statement of commitment from everyone in the organization that they would never say ‘No to customer and make it happen’.

SME 2: It is easier to never say No to the customer, but I am not sure how to make it happen. In making it happen all the people in the unit are involved and have to work with that spirit. I consider making this statement customer “we will never say no to you” and not being able to execute it, is far worse than not making this statement to the customer at all.

Mr. Lowe: You said it! In fact you should never tell this to your customers until you are convinced and confident that you and your people can make it happen. There are two aspects to make this happen.

First tuning your people. For tuning your people, first you have to set an example in front of them. Your seriousness on this must be seen by your people daily in your interactions with them.

SME 3: Can you give an example as to how to do this?

Mr. Lowe: First I will tell you what not to do! Suppose your wife has requested you to send your car for taking her to some important place at 12 noon one day. On the same day when you were coming to office, your car broke down. You reached office by hiring a cab at 10 am, a little late. Now the car that you have left on the road has to be repaired and made available at your home at 12 noon. The really good auto mechanic that you have in your unit will ensure this is done but unfortunately, he is repairing a work-centre in a mass production line that has come to a halt because this one machine in that entire line is holding up the entire line. Also, it is important that the line works continuously to make a customer delivery that you have committed, happen. Now the question to all of you is: What would you do, would you call the mechanic and send him to repair your car or would you let him continue to work at the machine in the factory that is holding up production?

SME 1: Why are you asking us such tough, practical questions only? SME 2: Look frankly, my wife is my boss, more than the external customer whose delivery may be.

delayed by a day. I can manage my customer but not my wife! So the safest thing for me is to send the car mechanic to my car.

Mr. Lowe: But suppose nobody is watching this, e.g., your customer is not watching, would you feel that you are doing a wrong thing, meaning you are saying no to customer?

SME 2: No, not at all, I do it with complete freedom!

Mr. Lowe: But think and tell me who is watching this.

SME 1: His people in the shop! His mechanic who is being pulled out. His supervisor and so on. ….contd.


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