Especially for SME’s – 30: Time – its uniqueness.

09 March 2022


SME 1: When we were discussing resources, we talked about time and its uniqueness, because of which it is the most important resource that we all have. We discussed that:

Time is non-storable and is irretrievable.

Amount of time available is fixed, cannot be increased or decreased.

Time is non-returnable.

Time adds value – positive or negative.

Time is the only rewarding and vindictive resource.

Time has the potential to get over deficiencies in genetic capabilities.

Time creates tension, like any other resource, when we don’t have enough.

All this to me means time is a rather elusive resource on which we don’t have much grip. How to manage this time, the most valuable resource we have?

Mr. Lowe: We saw that life is nothing but a series of roles we play- some we like and some we don’t like.

In any role there is a giver or a supplier system and there is a receiver or a receiving system. The supplier system is more dependent and so less powerful than a receiving system in any role. So we call the receiving system of a role as Super System (SS) and the supplier system as a sub-system. Let me hasten to add that these roles are inter-changeable and any super system in one role can be a sub-system in another role and at times SS and at times sub-system in the same role. For example, in the case of parents and children and spouses, the roles are frequently changing on a daily basis many times, as these are give and take roles and not just give only or take only roles. Another example is when a teacher is teaching, the teacher is a sub-system and the student is a super system.

SME 3: But everyone thinks that teacher is the super system and the student in subsystem! ….contd.


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