Especially for SME’s – 31: Its relationship to SS’s.

16 March 2022


Mr. Lowe: You said it! That is the fundamental problem with our education system. Nobody- nobody at all- takes students as super system which indeed they are, because they are the receivers of the teacher’s’ role and so are teacher’s customers! At times when driven to the extreme, students protest and the teacher concerned has to go, we have seen the more powerful supersystem asserting.

SME 2: But how does this affect our time management?

We put in our mind a given SS while we are performing our role. While performing an official role we put one of the four super-systems in our mind: External customer, the company, the internal customer and the boss. Here, we have arranged the supersystems in the descending order of their dependence i.e., in descending order of their power. So we designate external customer SS1 (the top), the company SS2, the internal customer SS3 and the boss SS4. In performing our role – any role – in office, we should have these four SS’s in mind. The ideal attitude should be to give + to all the four, but in most situations it is not possible to give + to all. This is because in giving + to one SS, giving minus to another may be unavoidable. In which case, we go by the priority number assigned. That is we give + to SS1 at any cost even if that action gives – to SS2, the company. This is because the minus to the company can only be for a short term as the + to the external customer returns to us in the long term as per Newton’s third law.

SME 3: Are there SS’s in family or personal side as well?

SME2: Yes of course, may be the order there is: SS1 is family (Khandaan), SS2 is children, SS3 is the parents and spouse and SS4 is the society at large.

Mr. Lowe: You got it perfectly right. There are two other SS’s that we normally have and they are one’s own conscience and spirituality. But why I brought in this concept of SS is because whatever SS we put in our mind while discharging any role absorbs the majority of time we spend on the role. So we should be mindful of this SS in our minds, if we aim to manage our time effectively.

If my children are my SS’s even when I am doing a role in office, I will automatically give priority, my commitment and involvement to my children even in office and therefore I should not expect promotion in office! In whatever SS one spends time he gets results in that SS and not in any other SS area. ……..contd.


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