Especially for SME’s – 34: Time – End Result is giving+ to the correct SS for that role.

06 April 2022


SME 2: He said that already, by the subscripts he attached to the super systems, in the official and personal lives.

Mr. Lowe: Yes exactly, however, if the root of the problem is within a department of your unit and if you eliminate that root cause, the problem will never occur again, necessarily you have to put the internal department as above the SS1 temporarily that is holding your SS1 to ransom periodically.

Incidentally Mahabaharat, the Management literature par excellence comes out with the correct Super Systems for kings or rulers in their official roles namely people; it also talks about what should not be the SS’s for kings: Look at the following wrong choices made by great personalities ignoring their role as kings and where they ended or what results they got.

Bhishma ……..father : Though he was he most eligible ruler, walked out to keep the promises he gave to his father.

Drona ………..Son: Walked out as commander in chief of Kauravas, when he learnt his son was dead when indeed he was not.

Karna……friend: Though knowing fully well his friend Duryodhana was on the wrong path, blindly supported him.

Sakuni…… Sister: He was nowhere near his kingdom, but was in Hastinapur to take revenge on the entire Kuru Vansh who he thought was responsible for getting her beautiful sister married to a blind man, though his sister herself made it clear to him she was very happy and did it out of her own free volition.

Krishna …….People: Only character in the great epic who took the correct super system and wanted to avoid wars that affect innocent people; ran away from Mathura to Dwaraka and came to be known as Ranchodji! …………….contd.


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