Especially for SME’s – 36: Time – short term and long term results.

20 April 2022


SME : Is there anything more we have to know about time?

Mr. Lowe: There are two opposites in Time too: Short term and long term.

We are greatly impressed with positive results produced in the short term and are affected by the negative results also produced in the short term, even though what we do may have a definite and big, long term effect. So we have to take care not to be carried away by the short term results alone.

Innovating improvements in your products and service continually, introducing a change in any of the M’s, innovating systems and changes in the systems, implementing them and keeping them implemented, developing one who can replace you are all part of this long-term roles for you. Locating bottleneck resources in your company as a whole, de-bottling them on a continuous basis, anticipating future bottlenecks and taking proactive action so that they don’t become bottlenecks, and envisioning a company’s future, a family’s future or a country’s future is what a true and great leader does. The company may be small, medium or big but you need envisioning. Envisioning is peeping into the future, a domain to enter which we are naturally inhibited but not prohibited. Very few dare do this adventure, which explains why we have so many experts and so few leaders. Envisioning needs clarity of a purpose, a set of sense of values and uniqueness at the very least which the leader has to evolve and make happen by setting an example. The leader has also to change these if necessary using the same all- powerful resource namely time. Or better still create a set of these that do not die after a while, creating uniqueness, core purpose and core values that are timeless, lasting for times immemorial. A tough job indeed! I have also read about a Danish family- run company that has run for 700 years without break, run entirely on principles of Nature and energy, and a Japanese hotel run by one and the same family for more than 1200 years. It is after all possible to build institutions for long over generations. This is why I recommend the units we create, like the family we create, should not vanish as soon as we die! We should be institution builders and not just aim to run a company as long as we are alive. Developing one who will take care is one of the vital roles of an entrepreneur. When you align whatever you do with principles of energy, they live for ever as the laws governing energy are timeless and inviolable. …..contd.


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