Especially for SME – 4: Think less about Money and make more money! .

09 September 2021


Mr. Lowe: The first solution is: Spend less time thinking about money!

SME 1: How do we do this? I am already feeling nervous!

Mr. Lowe: Can we spend less time on money without losing grip on it?

SME 2: But how can we do this? For example, can we stop signing a cheque? Can we stop having a continuous eye on the petty cash expenses?

Mr. Lowe: I have seen so much time goes in just checking and signing cheques: Is there no one we can trust in our company whom we can let sign cheques for less than a safe amount? Initially, until we gain confidence, we can start with a small amount and gradually increase it until we gain confidence that it works as well as we are doing it!

We can give petty cash approval responsibility too to another person with an upper limit on a single transaction.

SME 3: No, no it is very risky! We will come to know that things have gone wrong only when it is too late. It is too dangerous a thing even to try.

Mr. Lowe: So you say you don’t have a single soul in your company who is trustworthy! If you do not trust your own people and that too, not all but only a few, then how will your customers trust your company to make good products with consistent quality?


SME 1: But there are quality control guys to take care of them.

Mr. Lowe: I am happy you trust them to do their work honestly- without suspecting that they may be hand-in- glove- with your production guys to show more production and earn more incentive!

What I am telling you is: The entire world runs on trust and not on suspicion! Imagine what would happen if spouses do not trust each other and parents do not trust their children! It is true that even in this Kaliyug, 98% of people are still trustworthy and, yes, to be sure there will always be that 2% cheats. Just because there are 2% cheats, can we suspect the entire population? Have we not heard that even a thief becomes extremely accountable and trustworthy to an owner who leaves the key of his apartment with him?

SME 1: But yet it is scary to trust anyone with your money!

Mr. Lowe: But the alternative is worse: You put your CEO’s time in essentially signing cheques and keep track of petty cash expenses! Have you imagined how better would be the result if you put the same time on increasing revenue for your company? In dreaming about your company’s future and drawing a road map to make the dream come true?

SME 2: But there is a point in what SME 1 is saying?

Mr. Lowe: yes it IS true. Particularly the person whom we trust ditches us at the right time!

SME 3: you said it right, it has already happened to me once, so now I am once bitten twice shy! But I also understand what you are telling; these small things take our disproportionate amount of time.

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