Especially for SME’s – 45: Time – Time and Meditation.

22 June 2022


SME 3: That needs a lot of will power! I still have to do jobs I don’t like!

Mr. Lowe: Will power is automatic if your focus is unquestionably your SS1. But there is an alternative, but it comes with repeated practice only. What is better to develop is an attitude to love what we do not like to do but have to do in life, because loving and doing anything – including the ones that we do not like to do- takes far less time than hating and doing the same thing. The realization that we can spend our time the way we like, but the consequences of doing that is not entirely in our hands. Remember that time is both a rewarding and vindictive resource and this realization helps us in being comfortable with both these opposites of activities that we have to do and those we love to do. In life, official or personal, we have to do certain things i.e., spend time on activities that we have to do, based on our roles with a view to give unconditional + to the Super systems that we are serving via that role. If we do not spend time on these activities, we will be perceived, and rightly so, as being irresponsible and undependable and also be punished. But I agree with you when you say we cannot be spending time only on such activities since we may feel that we have become slaves to circumstances that we hate. The sense of liberty and freedom we enjoy comes from activities, official or personal, that we love to do. If we cannot decide how to spend our time and spending time only on activities forced upon us, we cannot be happy. So we have to spend time on activities that we love to do as well. That is finding a role that we love to have – say a hobby- rather than only roles that we have to do. We have to be comfortable with doing both these opposite roles.

SME 1: I have got into interpersonal conflicts only because I expect and also force people what they have to do to give + to SS1.

Mr. Lowe: I agree effective use of time creates interpersonal conflicts, when we do not give the other person/s, time to say or do what he wants to say or do. Give space and time to others else you will be perceived as too overwhelming or even dictatorial.

Everyone needs some little time and space for himself, and others should understand this. In other words, do not expect others to say only what you would have said or what you would have done or behave the way you would have behaved. Your way is not the only freeway! Every individual even among close relatives is different, he/she is intuitively attracted to feel the liberty and independence and he/she needs the time and space to be different. He/she feels terrible if that intuitive right is denied.

SME 2: In this respect, how to control our mind so that it becomes flexible between the two opposites of what we like to do and what we have to do?

Mr. Lowe: One sure way is meditation: a total of 45 minutes in two or three instalments a day. By meditating you form a habit in your mind to be in its seat namely body-soul regularly every day through meditation- and so the mind sits in its seat when it does any work, not just meditation. Mind is a slave to habits and once a habit is formed, it is as easy as breathing for the mind, the driver of our system, to be in its seat. You can’t drive a car sitting 20 feet away from the driver’s seat. The mind, the driver can be habituated easily in sitting in its seat by only one technique and that is meditation. You get at least a three- fold increase in productive use of time if you regularly meditate.

SME 1: Oh, I have never looked at meditation this way- as a habit forming tool for the mind to focus.


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