Especially for SME’s – 49: What gives + to SS1- Not your perception but his.

20 July 2022


SME 1: But you said the unit is only SS2!

Mr. Lowe: Exactly! Because the unit depends on SS1 your external customers, the correct SS should be your external customers and not even the unit.

The very next step is to choose the vital few from the total customers you have. This will be the one or two or maximum 3 customers who, if you get them as your regular customers, can pull your unit out of trouble at the earliest, since it is time that is wearing you out as all your fixed expenses are there with revenues not sufficient to cover even variable expenses.

So we have narrowed down to a 3 member Supersystem.

SMS 3: I can figure out already who form my 3 member Supersystem. What is the next step?

Mr. Lowe: The next step is to reduce this 3 member Super system to just one. Just talk to all 3 of them, you will be able to choose one – the most likely one who has the potential to give you orders for you to get out of trouble soonest. This can even be a one- time big order to pull you out of trouble fastest and then give you time to locate a customer with running orders.

Mr. Lowe: The next step should be to define what is giving + to the chosen SS1.

SME 1: That should be defined as what should I do to get the unit out of trouble fastest?

Mr. Lowe: You have suggested what should not be the definition, as you have brought in the unit as the SS!

SME3: It should be something that the SS1 wants me to do, not what I want the SS to do for me!

Mr. Lowe: You said it! But how can you guess that? It should be something that should give maximum relief to SS1 and not you: How would you know what gives maximum relief to him?

SME 3: What you are telling is that we should not assume what gives him maximum relief as per our perception but get his perception on this.

Mr. Lowe: There is only one way to do this.

SME 3: That is ask him! Ask and it shall be given!

Mr. Lowe: That is why I said talking to the customer on a real time continuous basis is a life- line to your business as this would enable you to track what gives maximum relief to him on a continuous basis. This way you are disabling him to think of anyone else as his supplier.

SME 3: What do we specifically ask him when we meet him?

Mr. Lowe: Talk about the previous problems he has told you and how you have already resolved those or the status of those which are in the process of getting resolved. This gives him confidence that you are a responsive supplier and would act on what he tells you as the problem.

Then ask him what the most burning problem he has currently, in the area of whatever product or service you are rendering him. Obviously, it will be the most burning or serious problem he is facing with his current supplier who is your competitor. …………………….contd.


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