Especially for SME’s – 59: Look at doer not as good or bad but at the uniqueness he has.

28 September 2022


SME 1: It is a great point: When selecting the person to do the job, do not consider whether he is a good or bad person but only look at whether he is the person who can do that job best.

Mr. Lowe: Can we develop this habit of looking at people not as good and bad people but in what they are good at or what their unique strengths are? Can we look at their unique strengths instead of general weaknesses in them? This is the first step required if you must master the art of choosing “who”.

In India even the school system is designed to look at weaknesses and cautioning the child on its weaknesses, even calling the parents for a meeting to discuss the weakness of the child, instead of locating its unique strength and reinforcing the strength. It is a pity and it is a serious flaw to be removed.

Apart from being able to see the unique strengths in people, we need to develop one more critical aspect and that is focusing on the end-result. Once the end-result is chosen right (giving unconditional + to the relevant and the correct Super systems for the role you are in), you are fully equipped to choose “who”, getting over the tendency to look at weaknesses in people rather than strengths and getting into personality orientation and classifying people as good and bad.

SME 1: Any examples from politics, the ever-juicy field?

Mr. Lowe: In democratic countries, selection of candidates for constituencies is a case of choosing “who” combining with “where.” Everyone knows how critical a decision this is for winning elections. The selection of Smriti Irani against Rahul Gandhi in the Gandhi bastion in UP is a classic example.

The sad aspect is that the current day politicians in the opposition, choose “who” for opposing or criticizing even blindly the ruling party, ignoring what is good for the people- their common Super system. Look at the Congress party of India: the party has chosen one individual to attack, Narendra Modi. The party and its spokespersons have stooped to such unimaginably low levels that do not befit the intelligence and experience they claim. They indulge in personal attacks on the Prime Minister, who is a doyen of democratic processes and accuse him as Hitler and Mussolini. Mani Shankar Iyer, one ex-minister in the Congress alliance ruled days, has gone to the extent of saying that they should take the help of Pakistan to oust Modi and have dialogue with the state of Pakistan that is using for decades sponsoring and exporting terrorism as a state policy. Indian Democracy has matured over the decades and people like Mani shankar Iyer and the coterie that surround Sonia Gandhi, the congress president, cannot fool the people of India fortunately, anymore.

And we pity the people of Pakistan: Whosoever they elect is immaterial. Because who rules over them is fixed: the Military and the ISI and now the terror they created. Only God can save Pakistan. To keep this coterie ruling the country forever, they had to create and maintain an enmity with India. They have to brainwash their own people by lying to their own people, by telling them India would swallow them unless Pakistan swallows India. Their several attempts at this have been foiled by India. Because unlike earlier, under the backbone-less Ma(u)nmohan rule, now they face an India that would retaliate in the only language the ruling clique in Pakistan understands. They were originally telling that Indians were cowards, now they cannot say that anymore. They are at their wits end facing a dynamic yet responsible Government in India. Now they have to play their denial game much too often. Even Pakistanis are now beginning to doubt the ruling clique’s denial game that is basically a bundle of lies. The terrorism, export of terrorism and telling several lies daily is what the ruling clique of Pakistan is doing. But the frequency has finally reached a level where the opposite may be injected into their system any time, soon. ……………………..Contd.


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