Especially for SME – 6: Any Resource is Energy!

23 September 2021


M. Lowe: The law of VFTM (Vital Few Trivial Many) is not only true and works in Men universally, but also in every other M. Also – again universally. This is why I call it Universal Law of Energy.

SME 2: But why do you call it Law of Energy? Where is Energy coming from here?

Mr. Lowe: Good question! You can look at a resource – any M- in one of two ways: as matter, or its opposite, energy. The famous Einstein’s equation relates matter to energy E (energy) = m(mass) x (speed of light) x (speed of light). So if you spend one atom of mass say destroy it, it produces enormous energy as speed of light is 1,80,000 or 3,00,000 miles per second. So you can consider any mass as a concentrated form of energy that can be released by us by giving up just one atom of the mass. Mass is the manifest form of energy and energy is the non-manifest form of mass.

SME 3: But how does this help us in our day- to- day management of our SME’s?

Mr Lowe: Good question again! If we start looking at our M’s as energy, there are two advantages:

First, when we see people idling or a machine is idle, the impact we get is nothing compared to hearing the energy of people is idling or the energy of the work centre is idling! Only when energy moves, work is done and results are achieved. So to achieve results SME’s have to ensure that all the energy of all their M’s at their disposal are largely moving and not largely idling.

SME 1: But how do we ensure this, since in actual practice this is a daily and common occurrence and we are all used to seeing energy idling? In fact it has gone so deep into our blood, if we don’t see a M not idling, we feel uncomfortable!

Mr. Lowe: One of the ways of achieving this is not to get any M that is not a need but only a want, which we have discussed earlier. Let us not invest any money on a machine that we don’t need just to save taxes! Why don’t we spend that money as expenses in R&D for improving our product or services? If we are investing in machines we do not need, we are creating future idle energies! Before we invest in any M, we ask the question: “Do we need it? If we buy how long and how much it is going to be busy? ” If they are going to be idling largely, why don’t we think of subcontracting it to another SME who has the same machine and is not so busy?

SME 2: Yes, I understand. You said there are two advantages of looking at resource as energy: What is the second?

Mr. Lowe: The second advantage springs from the fact we know how to make energy move very well! We may not have sufficient strength to move mass but you need only mental thinking to move energy. Simply looking at any resource – M, as energy and refusing to look at it mere mass, is the first step we have to take in this process and make this a habit. Even as you stroll down your shop floor, you will note the energies idling and you will become uncomfortable with that observation.

Then the next step is to know how to move them – not the masses but the energies. This is easier because the movement of energy is controlled by Laws of Energy which are laws of Nature itself. So they are inviolable and, if we think making use of the Nature’s energy laws, we can easily make the energies move and make things happen i.e., produce results. ………………contd.


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