Especially for SME – 65: Select when only – Health- body and mind.

09 November 2022


SME 3: Can we apply select when only for maintaining ourselves in good health?

Mr. Lowe: Whatever we are discussing here is applicable to all aspects of life including health.

Health is of course a tricky area to decide to select when only, but an area where prevention does wonders. But preventive steps too early or too much can cause damage too, particularly the preventive steps that doctors suggest threatening us of grave consequences if not attended to immediately. When doctors say this, we must realize that they are cautioning us using their expertise at best and trying to make money at our cost at the worst. But let us understand very clearly that no doctor in the world can hold back a life that is leaving even for a minute beyond the time prescribed for it. If they can, no doctor in the world would ever die! This is the power of time. They can give explanations after the event but cannot prevent life from leaving the body.

Nobody yet understands scientifically even the process of death, leave alone its timing. If we are convinced about this, we won’t panic when some doctor tells us all the devils that we will get if we do not act on his suggestions. In fact, there have been disasters in blindly following doctor’s advice and they are not few and far between either. The best thing for us to do is to check with another doctor without telling the second doctor anything about the diagnosis of the first. And of course, we should take accountability for our decision either to listen to or not listen to the doctor’s advice. For this we must learn to listen to our own body rather than any doctor.

Indeed, I feel a human body is a wonder device and it has built- in capabilities to cure itself if only we follow some very simple natural laws. These have been listed in the website under effective health. It is also true that many things that are recommended to be taken or not to be taken even in what we eat, and in drugs by the medical profession are overturned in a decade’s time by new research by the same medical fraternity recommending the opposite of what they recommended earlier. We don’t know how right it is to believe any medical research because what is overturned today was also established by professional research or a reputed research organization. Take the case of coconut oil for example.

We should also clearly understand the difference between cure and the disappearance of a symptom that was giving us trouble. Innumerable people think that once the symptom vanishes, they are cured. The earlier we understand the difference between cure and disappearance of symptom, the better for our health.

Our system is a habit -forming system that is very comfortable with any habit. If we form habits that are not detrimental to our body, it responds beautifully to possessing excellent health and keeping up very healthy. We need habits for the body as well as the mind. Habits imply daily and no holidays for these.

We need about 20 minutes a day for the body. These habits can be walking, yoga and moderate exercises. Whereas gym makes our muscles tighter and more rigid, yoga makes our muscles flexible.

It is better to have flexi muscles than tight and rigid ones.

We need about 45 minutes a day for habits for the mind: That is why all religions prescribe meditation, namaz and chanting etc. for about 45 minutes a day. This period of 45 minutes can be split into 2 or 3 sessions. The food we should take is indicated by the taste by the body. We should stop eating anything the moment we lose taste for that item, even though we may love to eat that item. Even our system needs us to remain between the upper tolerance and lower tolerance in any aspect of living.


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