Especially for SME – 68: Strategy formulation – Summary.

30 November 2022


SME 1: What are the other steps for strategy formulation?

Mr. Lowe: We have so far identified bottlenecks- scope for creating huge gaps for energy to flow freely- in what, where, who dimensions and called it step 5. We have talked about the correct timing which is nothing but finding a gap in time dimension in step 6. We should exercise caution in leaving out any of the where (step3) or who (step 4) bottlenecks and should not drop any one blindly.

The seventh step is to combine step 6 with step 5. In Israel Egypt war, we the total strategy after step7 will read like this:

“Without prior announcement in a surprise and preemptive strike and at a time so as to reach Cairo airbase by 1 to 2 am., go and bombard the cairo airbase runway so badly that it cannot be repaired for weeks by flying low to streak into the airbase without deduction by radars. ” Once this is done, we have a powerful and complete strategy to be implemented for achieving the end- result that we decided in step 1(giving unconditional + to the correct Super systems based on the role).

The seven steps in strategy formulation are shown below:

 7 Steps in Strategy formulation.

 Step – 1.: Select relevant and Correct Super Systems for the role you are in.

 Step – 2: Select “What Only” and not “What all” – Bottle neck problem

 Step – 3: Select “Where Only” – Bottle neck place / area.

 Step – 4: Select “Who Only” – Bottle neck person.

 Step – 5: Combine Step 2 with Step 3 & Step 4

Or Step 2 with Step 3, Or Step 2 with 4.

 Step – 6: Select “When Only” – Bottle neck time.

{Prevention of occurrence, at least prevention of recurrence, element of surprise.}

 Step – 7: Combine Step 6 with Step 5.

Let us see what happens as we apply each step of PICKSS. Let us take the Israel Egypt war of 1967 again.



As you can see from the above diagram, each step of strategy formulation takes us one step closer to making a cone from a cylinder. This method facilitates us in making a pointed end from a flat surface of the cylinder so that we are making the energy law p=f/a work for us. This we can do in practically every role we play in our lives. We can make this method become our way of life. This is a method of thinking that we have to develop to become effective and successful. This thinking process helps us to create an energy differential (much like the potential difference in electrical energy) so that energy i.e., resources flow freely without obstruction and in the process of flowing create results with much more certainty.

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