Why no concession for ladies and senior citizens for tatkal tickets?

11 SEP 2014

Concession-Ladies & Senior citizens

   It is strange that the concessions for ladies and senior citizens are not applicable for tatkal tickets. First of all tatkal tickets cost more for any one, junior or senior, male or female. This is indeed justified, or at least digestible, as the decision on the part of the commuter to travel takes place in the last minute by the traveler and the Indian Railways condescends to give a seat or birth. But what is the justification for the concessions to ladies and senior citizens to be withdrawn for tatkal tickets? If any thing, they need it more badly in an emergency than in normal times.

Let us not forget that Indian railways is a public sector undertaking: How can it give a treatment to ladies and senior citizens that is conferred on them by Government in all facets of life, including income-tax etc. etc. In denying the concessions to ladies and senior citizens it is acing worse than the worst of private sector undertakings that operates, allegedly, with only profit motive.

Can the Indian Citizen know the reason for concessions being denied to ladies and senior citizens when they are forced by circumstances to travel in tatkal tickets?

One affected indian Bakra/bakri in the service of the people of India.

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