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01 FEBRUARY 2018



Why career guidance:

The number of careers available today has increased tremendously. This is good but like most good things there are negative effects too with this. The confusion over career selection for our children increases exponentially with the number of careers / entrepreneurship opportunities available.

There is a heavy price attached to selection of a wrong career for our children. Look at some of the cases we have handled in our over 20 years of career guidance experience:

My daughter refuses to go back to her medical college after the third year summer vacation. She says she now realizes medicine is not her cup of tea!

There goes 5 youthful years down the drain. Could we have proactively prevented this disaster for both the child and parents? Yes, we can -through proper (not run- of- the- mill) career guidance.

Then we have the well-intentioned concerns and conflicts between the parents:

My son is a dyslexic. I don’t know what career he would fit in.

I have been a very successful doctor/ chartered accountant/ engineer/ banker. I want my daughter to take over from me and continue my profession.

My husband says my child should do engineering, but I know he/she is very good in fine arts.

Come what may, I want my son to become an engineer/doctor/chartered accountant/ industrialist only! Else what am I here for?

My child is visually impaired: what career other than telephone operator at the reception table is available?

Then come the constraints imposed by schools:

School 1: ‘You are not being given science stream because your marks are 5 less than the minimum marks required for science stream’

School 2: ‘ We have only 60 seats in science stream, they have all been filled up by others who scored better marks than you. You take up commerce stream’

Then of course there are aspirations and expectations from children themselves that perplex us as parents:

My son says he wants a large plot of land and a nice bungalow and car within just 2 years of starting on his career. What career can you suggest for him?

My son says I am working hard for so many years as a Chartered Accountant but still no where near in being rich as his friend’s father. He wants a career which can give 50 times earnings of mine!

My daughter wants only computer science or related fields because she can earn high salaries soon after finishing the education.

There are also other problems from children now-a-days that perplex the teachers, the parents, the counsellors at school:

Our son is not able to stick to a company for more than 3 months in any job. What can we do?

My son says ‘I don’t like studies at all. How interesting it is to watch movies, serials in TV, iPad, and playing video-games, studies are so boring!

In all these instances, the poor child is being kicked about by others and the system including the environment - no doubt well-wishers but- assuming the child would be good at what we are good at or the child is mouldable like clay that it has to adjust to the number of seats available in a stream in one specific school and spend the rest of its life in a career that is stipulated by anything other than what the child is good at doing.

We spend a lot of time for finding a suitable life partner. We spend more years of our life in our career than with our spouse. Should we not take at least equal precaution that we take in our spouse selection in career selection?

The world has an abundance of life partners, and we choose the one that matches our needs. And the world has an abundance of talents and opportunities. We simply do the match making between your child and its career- but in a different way than others do.

Should we derive our happiness by guiding our child into a career that is an excellent fit for him/her so that the child is happy for a lifetime, or should we be happy priding ourselves that we have successfully forced our kid into a career that we or the system want our child to do and make it wonder whole life ‘what the hell I am doing in life?’ Our career guidance may recommend even one of those that you are contemplating. Is it not better to have a second, objective check through proper career guidance?

Want a solution and avoid these many problems that crop up in selecting a career for your child to a significant degree, at the right time namely 9th summer vacation or to 11th summer vacation or later as a second preference going by the proverb ‘better late than never?’ Want this solution to come from not just academicians but by management experts who know what each career needs for your child to be successful in that career and the changing market demand? Want to get clarity from confusion from experts who have done career guidance objectively for over 1.5 lakh students? Then, In the interest of your children and their future 70 years, get Quest’s career guidance done for them!

How do we match a career to your child: Understand the process in full:

Your child has to undergo a psychometric test that is not yet another examination that has to be done. Because in this test, there are no right and wrong answers largely and there are no questions that test the knowledge of your child in any subject. The questions are largely about the child and not about anything outside. This takes about three and a half hours to complete. This test battery is available online in the cloud and has to be completed in one week’s time from the time the child answers the first question. Therefore, select a week during which the child can afford to spend about three and a half hours. We recommend the child completing the battery in a maximum of two sittings, though the system permits more sittings. Your child can complete the tests in the comforts of your home but ensure there is no disturbance of any kind when the child is attending the test battery. If you cannot ensure this, get your child tested in any of our offices in Mumbai, Chennai or Vadodara with prior appointment. The contact persons, numbers and addresses are available in our website: www.thequestway.in The test battery can be administered manually also (paper– pencil version) for 30 to 50 students at a time.

The test battery is available in 9 languages including English and Hindi. The child can choose any language out of these 9, it is very comfortable with as the first choice and one other language as the second choice. This is required when the child wants a translation of any question in the language chosen by it as the first choice in the second language chosen by it as the second choice. We have provided for this as we do not want the child to answer any question without understanding it. For the visually impaired the battery is available not yet on line but the computer talks the question out and gets the answers from the child.

Based on this psychometric test answers of your child, we measure about 55 parameters of your child covering genetic capability, personality, what the child’s expectations are from the career, the child’s interest and the temperament- in other words everything in your child that decides what it is meant to do by design. We ensure no error gets in as input. We also ensure no manual error enters in calculations of the parameters and conclusions through a software that does all that is required to be done for the purpose of selecting the most appropriate career for your child in pursuing which the child will be successful and so happy.

We keep your child’s 55 parameters on one side. On the other side we have over 230 careers and for each career the desirable values of these 55 parameters- to ensure that career is done effortlessly and naturally. We match these two sides – your child’s parameters’ values and the values of these parameters needed to be successful in that career, through the through the computer software specially designed by us. This ensures correctness, consistency and above all objectivity because the whole process is done by a software package and not by any individual. Most people around the world do it manually thus introducing their own biases and subjectivity even if they have the expertise. The accuracy and consistency also become questionable if done manually. Thus what we give is a computer matched career that matches the strengths of your child with the careers in descending order of fit between the two, so you can choose from the top few and be sure about the success of your child in the chosen career or even in sports or fine arts or entrepreneurship.

We mail a detailed report to you on our findings. And with the report and questions on it by you, we meet the child and parents on a guidance session. Whereas the report says what to do (what career to choose from), the guidance session explains in detail as to why we have said what we have said in the report. After the session the parents report that it is as though we have lived with the child for years( showing the accurate personality description of the child) and that the child has changed dramatically from the very next day. To make this happen we make use of our patented concept of the principle of opposites (application of our e book success through opposites available at the largest e book producer in the world smashwords.com based in California in the US) https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/375624 to your child specifically to change the one-sided habits that have become a block to the child’s own progress in life. Many parents have told us this session was a once- in- a -life-time experience not only for their child but also for them and that their children guided and counselled by us won’t be where they are today but for this guidance session.

This session takes another 4 hours for all of us together, the child, the parents and us: The end-result is that all in the family are clear about the career selected and why that career. All the problems that we described earlier are solved, all questions from the child and the parents are answered and there is clarity in the minds of all concerned. This obviously leads to a single focus on what is the only career to be considered or which out of a set of a small set of half a dozen careers to choose from. The child is freed from all the blocks that were holding him back to go ahead in life.

Our system – our psychometric test and our career guidance session take a day of your child’s time and half a day of all of our time. A day invested for the next 70 years of your child’s future. Don’t you think it is worth the investment?

There is no such career guidance system in the world we know of, that follows the way we do. We are fully aware of the accountability we take for the 70 years of your child’s life and we have taken all precautions to ensure no mistakes creep in. The proof of this is there is no feedback to us till date over the last 20 years that a child was not successful and happy in the career we recommend.

The overwhelming feedback we have received is probably the best of any feedback for nay product we know of in our over 50 years of management consultancy experience. It is an unquestionable proof of our career guidance system. You can read some of these in the feedback section of the student career guidance page in our website www.thequestway.in

In the interest of your children and their future 70 years get Quest’s career guidance done for them!

Do contact us particularly if you feel this cannot be done at all!

If you have the will, we have the way! 

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